For those still on the road...

View Poll Results: Warm up time and average temps: pick both

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  • Warm up for 0- 1 minute

    11 12.94%
  • Warm up for 1-2 minutes

    28 32.94%
  • Warm up for 2-3.5 minutes

    16 18.82%
  • Warm up for 3.5 minutes or more

    19 22.35%
  • My average riding temps are 40-55 degrees

    7 8.24%
  • My average riding temps are 55-65 degrees

    10 11.76%
  • My average riding temps are 65-75 degrees

    8 9.41%
  • My average riding temps are 75-85 degrees

    15 17.65%
  • My average riding temps are 85 degrees and up

    6 7.06%
  • My bike is currently off the road.

    9 10.59%
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Thread: For those still on the road...

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    For those still on the road...

    What kind of temperatures are your bikes operating at? I commute about 7km's one way each day, barely hit any stoplights and average 90 km/h so my temps are hovering between 50-60 for the 9-12 minute ride. I warm her up for about 1-2 mins. Curious as to what you guys are doing and how comfy you are with opening her up at lower engine temps. I'm debating whether I should warm her up for 5 minutes and try to reach 50 deg before I even start riding.
    I'm making it a poll just to grab poll lovers attentions. If you can elaborate what kind of ride times and conditions (stop/go/freeway) your riding in that would help.
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    ninja machinist Array Darkcbr's Avatar
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    I'm gone as soon as I fire her up. I just ride easy till she's ready for some real action.

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    I wait a few minutes for a temperature to register on the guage then I ride. It also says in my manual not to idle for more than 5 minutes after startup.

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    The time it takes for me to fire up the bike, put on my gloves, wheel it out of the garage and wait for the door to come down... about 1-2 minutes I guess.

    Then I take it real easy until the temperature gets up in the lower mid range of the gauge (no numbers... not sure what temperature the thing runs at)

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    I wait till its above 40, and take it easy the first bit till it hits 60-70
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    the scooter has no temp gauge.

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    I usually just let it warm up while I put my helmet and gloves on. The temp doesn't even register until it hits 35...and in the min or two it takes me to put my stuff on it's usually at least at that.

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    I'm the same as most, run it while I get suited up. My bike is in an underground, so it's never really cold, and it warms up faster riding that idling. I just take it easy for a bit, but that's for tires as well. No numbers on my temp gauge, but it's usually no lower than if I was on a long highway run in the summer. Coming home in traffic last night (white rock to Van) the fan actually came on a few times!

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    Registered User Array michael's Avatar
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    My riding temps vary from -10C to 40+C, (ambient, not engine coolant temps) and I mostly maintain the Manual Method.
    Warm up for a few seconds (while I adjust my farkles and gear) and ride away.
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    Neither she, nor I, sing at full tilt until we're fully warmed up.

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    I wait til its 35, then i take it real easy until its about 50. by the time i get to work it would be about 70, 10min. later.

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    I bump start mine in the AM (down the driveway) being a motard , it don't have much coolant to warm up anyway? so I just take it easy for the first bit .

    HOWEVER I learned about letting the tires warm up a bit more when it's freezing out it now takes twice as long to get grip , and I paid for that saturday by sliding my ride down the tarmac in the orchards of east Kelowna .
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    bad, m'kay?
    That depends on wether I am 1 min or 10 min late for the ferry...
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    It's nice to have a temperature guage. I just warm it up until it is at the low end of the operating range and go. These days, it doesn't go a lot higher any way.

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    First, start the bike, put riding gear on and, ride on. At first, pretty easy untill she hits at least 45. Then bang as hard as I feel like. What is as important as warming up to me is cooling down. More at this time of the year than ever! My last 4 or 5 minutes are pretty easy too, I wouldn't want her to cool down too fast.

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