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    bad, m'kay?

    Rules For Beginning Racers

    Courtesy of

    RULES FOR BEGINNING RACERS (experienced racers too)

    These rules will absolutely make your racing experience much better. Read them, believe them, live by them.

    1. Never, never lend your race bike to a friend, brother, cousin, etc. They will crash it, you will pay for it.

    2. Trust the buddy helping you prepare your racebike with things that will not cause you to end up on your head. Brakes and clip-on pinch bolts do not fall into that category.

    3. If there is even a .001% chance the temperature will drop below freezing overnight, and your race bike (with no antifreeze, of course) will be outside at the track or at the hotel, drain your radiator AND water pump. If you don't, the percentage chance of sub freezing temperatures will jump to 100%

    4. Never do a 24 hour endurance race at Nelson Ledges in the rain.

    5. Check your tire air pressure more often than you do.

    6. Do not attempt to save money by using cheap chains. Have you ever been hard in the gas in a long sweeper with 8 guys right on your tail, the chain breaks and suddenly you have no more forward drive but the other 8 guys right behind you still do? Have you ever had a broken chain get under your tire in a 110mph turn?

    7. Buy the good tires. How much did you save with the cheap tires if you fall down just one time because you bought the cheap tires? Cheap tires, or using good tires past a certain point, is simply a false economy. It will cost you more.

    8. You are riding nearly out of control, thinking you are going so fast that no one could possibly pass you, and then somebody rolls around you on the outside of the turn while waving to you with one hand off the bar! This a subtle indicator that you need to find someone better than yourself to help set up your bike.
    9. You can almost NEVER brake hard enough and quickly enough to avoid a crash that happens directly in front of you. Pick left or right, right now - it is your best chance to avoid another trip to the parts counter at your favorite shop.

    10. Always find someone just a little faster than you to chase in your practice sessions. This is the best way I know to drop your lap times faster than your buddies are dropping their lap times
    11. Never forget rule #1
    "It's not my fault your slow!"

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    #1 should actually read: Never lend your ride out to anyone with a cheaper race bike than yours. Trading up is welcome, straight across is adventurous but trading down is where feelings get hurt.

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    Damn I need those rules a while ago!! Especially the bike lending and crashing!

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    Gotta disagree with rule Brett and I had a good system this year and it worked out great. the work was split evenly and lucky enough he was the only one to crash..
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    I love #8. I had this happen to me in Seattle in Turn 1 going 4th - 5th gear and zoom...what the hell was that? Then to add insult t injury going throught the 's' down hill the guy puts his hand on the ground as we're peeling through the corner accelerating!

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