Nice Places on the Island?
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Thread: Nice Places on the Island?

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    Nice Places on the Island?

    I was hoping someone had some recommendations for a nice weekend on the island, bed and breakfast style or a nice resort.

    I went to the Wickinninish Inn last year and that was excellent, just want to go somewhere else in October.


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    Tigh-Na-Mara (resort) & Maclure's (B&B) in Parksville are supposed to be nice.

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    Blue Willow B&B in Qualicum Beach. Owner was pilot in RCAF and has jet memorabilia all over. Last time we were there, he provided safe parking for both our bikes. Always a plus.

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    Originally posted by DangerouslyCute
    Tigh-Na-Mara (resort) & Maclure's (B&B) in Parksville are supposed to be nice.
    I concur in a big way!

    I've been to Tigh Na Mara a handful of times (Although a few years ago).. it's very nice..

    There is a good olde style restaurant in Parksville as well, "The Judges Manor" I beleive was the name.


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    Sooke Harbour House. Pricey but nice. Cowichan lake is nice ride. Stay on the East side of the island at this time of year (fall is coming). It's potentially stormy on the West side.

    There are some great places to stay on Galiano or on Saltspring. Advantage there is that there are no feds on the smaller islands... speeding is rampant.

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    I am from Victoria and there are tons of cute little bed and breakfast places here close to down town.. but if you are looking for more of a resort kind of thing I would have to go with Tigh-na-mara which is about 1.5 hour north of Victoria. If you want any other ideas let me know.

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    If staying on the island isn't essential, you have a few choices on the mainland.

    There's a few places you could consider in Powell River, such as The Beacon (Bed & Breakfast) or the Old Courthouse (Inn & Hostel). I've seen the inside of the Old Courthouse, it looks quite nice. Haven't seen inside The Beacon though...

    Plus, staying in Powell River is a good excuse to ride the peninsula, and that is a kick-ass ride. Harps can back me up on this...

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    Long Lake Bed and breakfast highly recommended!

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