i wanna paint the frame on my bike. can any1 give a tip?
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Thread: i wanna paint the frame on my bike. can any1 give a tip?

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    i wanna paint the frame on my bike. can any1 give a tip?

    i wanna paint the frame on my bike......were can i go...or can i do it my self?

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    use only the best krylon after you sand the frame down with 80 grit.

    strip the bike down, nothing at all on the frame, and ask john bowman at carter where to send it. he has a few contacts for decent painting.

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    Id recommend getting it professionally powdercoated.

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    Go to home depot, get some spray...should take about 5mins.

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    Powdercoating is definitely the way to go. It's wayyyyyy tougher than paint.

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    i have been wanting to powder coat my frame as well, the thing is im sure i would be able to strip the frame, but putting it back together is another thing. So this means getting the shop to strip it, send for powder coating and then have a shop put it back together. How much do you guys think this would run.....i figure with the price it must be it is totally not worth it

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    sorry, i dunno 'bout pricing.
    i do know a BMW fellow who powdercoated his frame. a reminder is the quality of the prep. you don't want powdercoat in, on or around areas where parts are going to be bolted on, and the depth of the coating adversely affects the fit of adjacent parts.
    The stuff is robust, and is not that easily taken off to allow for fitment of parts.

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