Anyone try Metzler Sportec M-1's?
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Thread: Anyone try Metzler Sportec M-1's?

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    Anyone try Metzler Sportec M-1's?

    I have ordered a pair of Sportec's for my DRZ, and was just wondering if anyone here had tried them. For $320 CDN shipped I figure I cannot go wrong since the reviews seem decent but was hoping to get a little more rider input.

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    Several bikeland members have tired them and say they are awesome... tread life comperable to a 207, grip muich better... I'd be riding them right now cept they were back ordered fer 2 mos when I tried to get em...

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    I have used the Metzler GP compound on a 01 gixxer 6 for 3 weekends. They are by far the best GP tires i have used this year. But i am not sure if this is what you ordered. They heat up quick, lots of grip and slide very progressive. The rear is the best i have used. The front is nice but Michelin's race 2 is just a bit better, but then they don't heat up as quickly.
    Hope it helps.

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