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    another problem!

    i'm having a problem with my bike, here are the symptoms..

    1) this morning when i opened the choke all the way to warm it, it sat at around 3K rpm instead of the usual 4

    2) when accelerating from a is hesitant

    3) when i chop the throttle on from idle, the bike hesitates and doesnt rev up like normal

    4) the sound of the bike is different, it sounds more like a growl or bark..sounds like its coming from the carb area right underneath the aribox which i took off to take a closer look

    5) when i rev it up past about 4K rpm it seems to be running but
    the sound is still there

    6) i used brand new gas out of a bottle to make sure it wasnt the gas in the gas tank causing the problem.

    7) the bike was in the rain overnight but it worked fine that day and night and the problem didnt happen until this morning

    any feedback is appreciated...

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    hmmmm I had the same problem on my 90zx7, check to make sure all the header clamps/brackets are tight and sealed! good luck!

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    If you're sure it's coming from the airbox area I'd give the whole intake system a good inspection. Chances are you'll find a leak somewhere. A leak on the airbox side of the carbs won't cause the horrible stumbling idle that a bad carb to head connection does but the lack of restriction can throw out the idle mixture balance and cause the hesitation (from being lean) that you're describing.

    The exhaust leaking like josh said can do the same thing so a lot will depend on what sort of sound you're hearing. BUT any sound that roars is bad as it means one of your systems is leaking.
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    turns out the problem was the choke cable was moved out of alignment and i guess the choke didnt fully turn off..and the carbs needed to be synched badly

    thanks for the help though guys!

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