Which setup should I use?
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Thread: Which setup should I use?

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    Which setup should I use?

    I'm doing a 520 conversion for my 01 r6 and i'm getting all the parts off ebay and local sellers and whanot cuz i'm cheap . anyway, there's a seller on ebay that has a set of 50,51, and 52T Spyke rear sprockets for a good price. anyway, my question is, i can get a set of vortex sprockets for about 15 bucks cheaper than getting those three rear sprockets and an afam front sprocket, which should i get? the only problem with the spyke's is that they're used a bit as they were originally intended for a race bike, and i'm worried that they might wear out my chain prematurely...

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    Unless it's for a race or stunt bike, you won't be happy with a 52 rear. I reode my bike with a race setup twice. Cruising at 100 km/h at 8200 rpm in 6th is friggin lame.

    Just go up 3 in the rear.
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    Or go -1 in the front.
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