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Thread: More politics, if you're interested.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?

    More politics, if you're interested.

    It's not a secret that I have no love for the liberals and seeing how we're on the "eve" of a federal election, I'd like to voice my opinion and share some of the reasons why ,IMO, the liberals are the wrong party to have in power.

    In this thread, I'll turn to the fact that the main policy of the liberal party is to pass legislation that only appears to work and have some value, but in reality, it's useless; the so called "feel good legislation"; it's all about what they think will get them elected again and not about what would actually bring results and help with the problems this country faces.

    Here's my favorite liberal masquerade illustrated in a well written article:

    The (failed) gun registry and the price being paid for this charade

    By Rex Murphy-National Post

    Nov. 21 2005

    "Useless" is not a difficult word, but it's worthwhile sometimes to check a dictionary even for the most common ones. For example, the Encarta Dictionary -- that's the online newbie of lexicography -- defines "useless" as "having no beneficial use, incapable of functioning usefully."

    Merriam Webster is terse. It just says, "ineffectual."

    The American Heritage says of useless, "incapable of functioning or assisting." That's a good one.

    The Shorter Oxford is economical and brutal. It says useless means "having no purpose."

    I was peering into all of these semantic windows just for the purpose of making sure that when I said the federal gun registry -- cost close to $2 billion -- was useless, that I was on the right track. I think we are. There have been 69 murders in Toronto over this year. Many worthy, innocent people have tasted the deepest grief. The killings have profoundly disturbed, agitated, and alarmed the communities where they have occurred. The most recent murder was of an 18-year-old boy outside a church attending the funeral of a 17-year-old boy who was himself murdered the week before. This brazen blasphemous horror has appalled everyone. It has shaken Toronto to the core.

    In none of these killings has the gun registry been of the slightest assistance. It has been ineffectual, of no beneficial use, incapable of assistance. This useless pretence of a policy has answered no valuable purpose. I bring this up in this particularly bleak context not primarily to take a smack at the gun registry, though it deserves every smack it gets, but to point out this further consideration: That cosmetic legislation, legislation designed to make people feel good, has a price beyond the $2 billion sign. Such legislation always amounts to a pretence and an evasion.

    It was always known that if there was a problem with inner-city crime, gangs, and guns, the response had to be one that dealt with inner cities and with the gangs and their guns. And that meant confronting some of the most delicate issues, mixing race, poverty, police relations with black communities, drugs, and sheer wilful thuggery on the part of some -- issues that are volatile, not susceptible to a quick fix, and barricaded by a whole set of topics most politicians would prefer not to have to deal with. Throwing up a national gun registry as an answer, even a partial one, to these problems, was a fake response, allowed some civic leaders and interest groups to pose for the cameras, and give a vague impression that the real problems in all their complexity were being addressed. They weren't.

    Gun murders in Toronto, and particularly within some areas of Toronto's black community, are not, and never were, primarily a licensing and registration dilemma. Nor are they, by the by, a cross-border smuggling problem or a gun manufacturers' problem. Gun murder in this city is a Toronto problem, it is a gang problem, and it is a problem of relations between the police and portions of the black community. The wretched gun registry has been absolutely useless in assisting police in finding the villains who have been killing people.

    Well, the homicide rate in Toronto this year is partially the price being paid for this charade, and a most grievous illustration of the cost that evasion, purchased by feel-good legislation, eventually extracts a price inestimably higher than the $2 billion that useless registry has cost so far. For The National, I'm Rex Murphy.
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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    As I read what I wrote above, I was reminded of the "Canadian Psalm" and I thought I would share it with those of you who haven't heard it yet.


    Paul Martin is my shepherd I should not want,
    He leadeth me beside still factories and abandoned farms,
    He restores my doubt about the Grits,
    He anointed my wages with taxes and inflation,
    so my expenses runneth over my income.
    Surely, poverty and hard living shall follow the Grits,
    and I shall work on a rented farm, and live in a rented
    house forever.

    Five thousand years ago Moses said:
    "Pick up your shovel, mount your ass, and I will lead
    you to the promised land".

    Five thousand years later,
    Trudeau said: "Lay down your shovel and sit on your ass,
    light up a camel; this is the promised land".

    This year Paul Martin will take your shovel, sell your camel,
    kick your ass, and tell you he gave away the promised land.

    I am glad I am a Canadian, I am glad I am free
    But I wish I were a dog, and Paul Martin was a tree
    “Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.”
    -John Loeffler

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you sick.”

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    ya pretty much...what a hoax that reg. prog. is...If you want a gun they are not hard to come by in Vancouver and you can expect to pay about the same amount as you would for a legit. reg'ed one.

    (quote CFC)Individual Licence Refusal and Revocation
    15,965 firearms licences have been refused or revoked by Chief Firearms Officers for public safety reasons between December 1, 1998 and September 30, 2005.

    6,119 applications have been refused
    9,846 firearms licences have been revoked.
    Note: Reasons why firearms licence applications have been refused or licences revoked include: a history of violence, mental illness, the applicant is a potential risk to himself, herself or others, unsafe firearm use and storage, drug offences and providing false information.

    and those guys care about the law and their fellow Canadians...thats why they sell death and hurt others.....
    "Shoot to thrill play to kill
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    You don't like the Liberals. I get it. So what is your recommendation?

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    The problem with the Liberals, and one that everybody on this board should be damn concerned about, is that the core of the Liberal belief is that people should not be allowed to be trusted to make their own decisions on anything. Nor do they believe in property rights. An important provisio to these beliefs only apply to "the people". For the elite, different rules should apply.

    Why should that concern people on this board? Because we all ride motorcycles.

    Like it or not, that makes us a minority. A minority that others will dislike and suffer from misconceptions about. In the mind of a Martin/Cretin/Trudeau Liberal, you aren't qualified to make the right choice in what kind of motorcycle you should own, if at all and when you should ride it.

    The Liberals we're talking about don't understand that if you thunder off your bike at 200kph on a twisty highway, it is your fault for pushing the bike too hard. In the mind of the Liberals, the bike is somehow at fault. Somehow the bike made you buy it, made you get on it, forced your hand to twist the throttle and kick up through the gears.

    So the Liberal solution to that problem isn't "Hey, make people who kill and maim themselves on motorcycles should suffer the consequences", they come up with "Ban motorcycles before they kill again!".

    What's worse, they can't tell the difference between things. Because a member of the HA uses a gun to commit a crime, they want to ban all guns. How soon before some Liberals says "Hey, the HA rides motorcycles. We should ban all motorcycles!". Before you say "Yeah, but we don't ride Harleys, we ride sportbikes", these idiots couldn't tell the difference between a gangbanger and a duck hunter.

    If the Liberals are re-elected, they will firmly believe that they can do anything and never feel any consequences. These guys stole and wasted billions. They have crapped on people and their rights and to be blunt, would flush British Columbia down the toilet without a second thought. If they win, they'll ban anything and trample any "right" they see fit. Why wouldn't they? They'll feel untouchable.

    So I guess you need to ask yourself if you like having personal choice. Who you vote for is, in the final analysis, your choice. In my opinion, vote CPC. If you can't vote CPC, vote Green. If you absolutely must, vote NDP(Except that the NDP has never really had a platform beyond "The Liberal platform...only more of it!"), but at least they aren't going to be as bad as a cocky and arrogant Liberal party.

    Anybody reall, just not Paul Martin and the Liberals.
    When will I find a hobby that my mother approves of?

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    Vote for........

    anybody except for the
    Canadian Reform Alliance Party!

    That was the reform parties best name choice throughout all their name-changes.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    Who do I recommend you ask? The Conservatives. Why? Go to their website and read their platform. It's pretty solid and it's a good vision for the country IMO.

    If you vote for the liberals, they might banned your guns, your dogs, your motorcycles and anything else that some dumb ass activist somewhere in Canada will make a stink about.

    Oh, wait; they already banned most of your guns and some of your dogs. They also sold most of the country to the highest bidder.

    When it comes to defending national interest such as "soft wood lumber", they talk tough on Canadian media and shake their fist at the US and their bulling, but then they go and make back door deals on our behalf, and it's not us coming out on top.

    Did you know that according to Canadian media, Canada is the number one US oil provider?

    Does it make sense to you than that we pay more at the pump on our own local oil than the Americans pay for our imported oil?

    We are the last people the liberal care about. That's the bottom line!
    “Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.”
    -John Loeffler

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you sick.”

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    Now, you might say that the sponsorship scandal and the gun registry have been beaten to death and they are not enough to make you not vote liberal. You need more than that. Well, here are 150 reasons why I won't vote liberal:

    Reasons not to vote Liberal - Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 15:04
    1. Cancelling the Sea King replacement
    2. Sponsorship scandal
    3. Gun Registry
    4. HRDC boondoggle
    5. Problems with Transition Job Funds program
    6. Tainted blood
    7. Radwanski Spending Affair
    8. Pearson Airport
    9. GST Flip Flop
    10. Airbus Investigation
    11. Voting against Red Book promise of independent Ethics Commissioner
    12. Irving fishing lodge stays/travel on Irving jets for cabinet ministers
    13. Martin traveling on private corporate jets as Finance Minister
    14. Don Boudria’s stay at Boulay owned chalet
    15. Denis Coderre staying with Boulay
    16. Alfonso Gagliano being appointed Ambassador to Denmark
    17. Shawinigate
    18. Claude Gauthier (PM’s friend)’s Transelec getting CIDA grant that was questioned by the Auditor General and even CIDA.
    19. Liberal fundraiser Pierre Corbeil charged with fraud by RCMP after he approached several Quebec companies seeking federal job training grants and asking for payments to Liberal Party, having gotten the names from senior Quebec Liberal Minister, Marcel Massé.
    20. Michel Dupuy, Heritage Minister, lobbying the CRTC.
    21. Tom Wappel refusing to help blind veteran
    22. Gagliano’s son benefiting from contracts from his father’s department
    23. Gagliano’s former speechwriter, Michèle Tremblay was on a $5,000 a month retainer with the Canada Lands Company to provide speeches for the Minister. Former President John Grant let her go saying “we got nothing in return.” Grant claimed that all Crown Corporations reporting to Mr. Gagliano were told to put Ms. Tremblay on a monthly retainer.
    24. Iltis replacement
    25. Purchase of new Challenger jets for the Prime Minister and cabinet
    26. NATO Flying Training program contract
    27. Liberal friends appointed as IRB judges being investigated by RCMP
    28. Hedy Fry’s imaginary burning crosses
    29. Maria Minna’s improper municipal vote
    30. Minna giving contracts to two former campaign staffers for public relations work for a conference that had already been held
    31. Lawrence MacAulay and contracts directed to Holland College
    32. Lawrence MacAulay and Tim Banks
    33. Lawrence MacAulay hired his official agent, Everett Roche, for $70K, but Roche never did any work for it. (Oct 2002)
    34. Art Eggleton and contracts to his ex-girlfriend
    35. Copps’ aide Boyer’s spending habits
    36. Collenette resigns for breach of ethical guidelines involving a letter he wrote to the Immigration and Refugee Board
    37. APEC Inquiry
    38. Andy Scott's 1998 resignation that came eight weeks too late, after a media circus wore him down for indiscreetly shooting his mouth off on an airplane.
    39. Anti-American comments by Liberal MPs, officials, and the former Minister of Natural Resources.
    40. Rock and the Apotex/Cipro affair
    41. Rock giving Health Canada contract to car cleaning company.
    42. Manley lobbying CIBC on behalf of Rod Bryden
    43. Manley’s fundraiser suggesting donors to his leadership write it off as a business expense.
    44. Manley using his pre-budget consultations as Minister of Finance to solicit support for his leadership bid.
    45. Coderre’s relationship with Group Everest
    46. Martin’s fundraiser/employee of Finance Jim Palmer
    47. Martin’s “blind trust” and his relationship with CSL.
    48. Gerry Byrne requesting fundraising money be sent to his home address, with no records kept.
    49. Gerry Byrne pouring bulk of ACOA money into his own riding.
    50. Virginia Fontaine Addictions Foundation
    51. Prime Minister’s former assistant, Denise Tremblay’s huge travel expenses on Veterans Review and Appeal Board as Minister pleaded poverty to veterans’ widows.
    52. Chrétien appointing Hon. Roger Simmons (former Trudeau minister convicted of income tax evasion) as Consul-General in Seattle
    53. Chrétien trying to bring hit-and-run driver Carignan back into caucus.
    54. The RCMP is investigating possible fraud and bribery within Industry Canada, involving possible "overpayments" to recipients of federal business grants. The probe centres on the National Research Council, which hands out federal grants to small- and medium-sized businesses.
    55. More than half a dozen bureaucrats have been "removed" from their jobs at a Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) in Toronto following a police investigation into projects funded under one of the department's grants and contributions programs
    56. Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan called in the RCMP and ordered a sweeping security review after four tax department computers were stolen containing confidential personal information on more than 120,000 Canadians.
    57. More than $7 billion stashed in Foundations by Finance Minister Paul Martin with little or no accountability
    58. Dhaliwal overseing Richmond-airport-Vancouver transit line while being owner of the airport limousine service
    59. Tom Rosser, former Dhaliwal advisor lobbying Natural Resources department and minister on environmental issues only months after leaving government.
    60. $5.3 million GG northern travel
    61. GG budget doubles in 5 years
    62. Robert Thibault giving a grant as ACOA minister to a wharf and boatyard where his brother-in-law has a monopoly.
    63. Royal LePage contract, which the government was forced to cancel in the wake of serious concerns being raised.
    64. Shutting down the Somalia Inquiry
    65. Home heating rebate, which was sent to prisoners and deceased.
    66. Martin firing Bernard Dussault, Chief Actuary of CPP
    67. Ethel Blondin-Andrew buys fur coat on government credit card
    68. Chrétien’s imaginary homeless friend.
    69. Liberal MP Rick Laliberte’s extensive travel budget
    70. Liberal Senator Thompson living in Mexico
    71. Vendetta against former BDC President François Beaudoin
    72. The flag give-away – which estimates suggest might now have cost $45 million instead of the promised $6 million, and reportedly involved fake invoices.
    73. Gagliano’s two week trip, at taxpayers’ expense, for a two day event with the head of the Royal Canadian Mint and Maurizio Caruso.
    74. Secretary of State for multiculturalism and status of women Sheila Finestone using government car (which junior ministers are only allowed to use for government business) to drive home to Montreal, which even Sheila Copps criticized. (Ottawa Citizen, May 22, 1994)
    75. Liberal MP Jag Bhaduria’s hate mail to his former employers, wishing that they had been shot by killer Marc Lepine
    76. Liberal MP Jag Bhaduria making false claims about his academic qualifications.
    77. Paul Martin and Maria Minna attending fundraising dinner for group linked to Tamil Tigers in May 2000 (National Post, Sept. 8th, 2001).
    78. David Anderson, as National Revenue Minister, suing the government for lost wages after being removed as IRB appointee by Conservative government seeking $454,000 from a deficit-ravaged federal treasury. (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 2004). Anderson eventually agreed to drop the suit.
    79. David Anderson suggesting that the BC doesn’t need extra House of Commons seats, because they wouldn't be worth much given the poor quality of most West Coast MPs. (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 2004)
    80. A consultant on an executive interchange program persuaded Natural Resources to undertake a $700-million reorganization of its research facilities for which no business case had been made. The program was fast-tracked because he had developed a social relationship with the deputy minister. He was eventually charged with diverting $525,000 to a numbered company he controlled. (Globe and Mail, May 30, 2005)

    And the list continues under Prime Minister Martin:

    81. Raid on reporter Juliet O’Neill’s home by RCMP
    82. Permanent Resident Cards
    83. Judy Sgro going on vacation as cards became mandatory and landed immigrants were left stranded
    84. Minister Frulla’s renovations
    85. Pay raises for chiefs-of-staff in ministers offices, while spending is frozen for public service.
    86. The government’s changing numbers on how much money has gone to CSL
    87. Lobbyists in Paul Martin’s transition team being allowed to return to lobbying immediately, after being involved in process of picking new cabinet and senior staff.
    88. Minister Comuzzi’s anti-Quebec comments
    89. Martin government using closure after only six days in the House of Commons, followed by using time allocation in the Senate.
    90. Problems with DND’s contracts with Compaq Computers that may have cost taxpayers up to $159 million for work not performed.
    91. Martin using government jets to tour the country campaigning before election, spending up to $1 million for air travel alone.
    92. Martin’s relationship with Earnscliffe
    93. Questionable contracts to Earnscliffe
    94. The appointment of former Liberal MLA Howard Sapers as the Correctional Investigator of Canada
    95. Pierre Pettigrew’s flip flopping on health care
    96. David Dingwall’s expenses as head of Royal Canadian Mint
    97. Liberals planning to give David Dingwall a severance package after he resigned
    98. The secret National Unity Fund reserve
    99. Calling an early election after earlier promising first to get to the bottom of the sponsorship scandal
    100. Martin suggesting changes to legislation and introducing bill that benefited CSL, despite concerns from his own Deputy Minister that he was in a conflict-of-interest 101. $99 million Public Works contract that went to company overseen by Liberal fundraiser and future Senator Paul Massicotte (Montreal Gazette, June 26, 2004)
    102. Parliamentary Secretary Dan McTeague’s 3-person, $224 trip to a Pizzeria
    103. Immigration Minister Judy Sgro’s staff being allowed to stay on “extended travel” benefits, letting them bill taxpayers’ for thousands of dollars in hotel rooms and meals, because they didn’t want to move from Toronto to Ottawa until after the election.
    104. Correctional Service of Canada Commissioner Lucie McClung’s travel expenses
    105. Contracting irregularities on more than two dozen projects at DND worth tens of millions of dollars, showing over-billing, profit excesses, unauthorized additional work, lack of accounting records, spiralling cost overruns, etc. (Globe and Mail, July 14, 2004).
    106. ACOA Minister Joe McGuire canceling ACOA loan and grant to ABL Industries Inc. because it would compete with company in his riding. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner, July 17, 2004).
    107. Andy Mitchell’s chief of staff’s $22,000 in expenses to commute to Ottawa (Toronto Star, August 2, 2004).
    108. André Ouellet’s travel and hospitality expenses at Canada Post.
    109. Government delaying release of audit on Ouellet until after the election (Globe and Mail, July 31, 2004).
    110. Martin’s principle secretary Francis Fox’s sister getting untendered contracts (The Province, July 27, 2004).
    111. Continuing problems in advertising files at Public Works (Ottawa Sun, July 26, 2004).
    112. A Liberal Party of Canada fundraising letter signed by Paul Martin, asking potential contributors to offer $7,000, $7,100 or $7,200 in contributions – far in excess of donation limits passed by the very same Liberal government
    113. Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne violating municipal bylaws. Municipality pursuing legal action against him. (Ottawa Citizen, August 19, 2004).
    114. Spa Days for inmates approved by the Correctional Service of Canada, which on Aug. 21 invited inmates at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ont., to dabble with manicures, pedicures and aromatherapy, not to mention cups of tea served in fine china, all accompanied by a harp serenade. (National Post, September 9, 2004).
    115. Five employees in the ''overwhelmed'' immigration section of Canada's embassy in Iran have been fired over the past year after they each were caught breaching federal ethics rules (National Post, September 13, 2004).
    116. Questionable contracts and spending from the Canada Investment and Savings group set up by Martin in 1996 (Globe and Mail, September 13, 2004)
    117. Questionable contracting practices at Canada Information Office (The Hill Times, September 13, 2004).
    118. A top Canadian diplomat based in China has resigned amid reports he is being investigated for allegedly taking bribes to help Chinese nationals enter Canada illegally. (Vancouver Sun, September 22, 2004).
    119. Abuse of government credit cards by staff at Fisheries Department (CP Wire, September 24, 2004).
    120. Canada’s questionable hiring of the niece of Syria's foreign affairs minister to work at the embassy in Damascus (Globe and Mail, October 5, 2004)
    121. Hélène Scherrer using Challenger to fly to Banff during election to give partisan speech
    122. Abuse of Challengers by Paul Martin and various ministers (eg. Andy Mitchell, Claudette Bradshaw)
    123. Abuse of Challenger jets for political business instead of government business (Le Devoir, October 4, 2005)
    124. Paul Martin taking Challenger jets to Liberal fundraisers
    125. Challenger food bill of $508 per flight
    126. Expenses during election filed by aide to Ralph Goodale
    127. Questionable expenses during election filed by aides to Judy Sgro
    128. Ongoing problems and safety concerns with the submarine program
    129. Various federal departments reported in excess of $1.1 million in theft of computers in 2003, but the information is potentially more valuable than the hardware (Vancouver Sun, October 14, 2004).
    130. According to the latest public-accounts-of-Canada reports for the period March 2004 and March 2005, over 700 laptops, desktops and central processing units went missing from 35 federal government agencies -- worth $6 million. (The Province, October 19, 2005)
    131. Federal government has lost track of $587 million a year in EI overpayments and underpayments at the Department of Human Resources. (Ottawa Citizen, October 12, 2004). However, the government defends itself by stating that in fact it has only lost track of $25 million a year and collects the other overpayments. (Ottawa Citizen, October 13, 2004)
    132. $133,000 grant to a Toronto film company that used classified ads to search for the "perfect" penis. (National Post, October 14, 2004).
    133. Man convicted of fraud against government hired to teach ethics course to public servants (National Post, October 20, 2004).
    134. Public Works selling confiscated grow-op equipment to drug traffickers. (National Post, October 21, 2004).
    135. Pressure by Liberal MPs and ministers on ACOA to make funding decisions based on politics (New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, October 25, 2004).
    136. Paul Martin’s Director of Communications Scott Reid insulting Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (Toronto Star, October 28, 2004)
    137. The Martin government spent $127,223 on a poll last February testing ways to diffuse negative reaction to the bombshell auditor-general's report -- which included the finding the Liberals ignored their own rules prohibiting the use of tax dollars on partisan polls (Vancouver Sun, November 8, 2004).
    138. Judy Sgro’s campaign volunteer (a stripper) getting ministerial permit
    139. Sgro’s senior policy advisor going to strip club to meet with owner to discuss bringing more strippers into Canada. (National Post, November 25, 2004). Subsequent revelations indicate that he went to at least one other strip club to conduct similar meetings (Toronto Sun, December 7, 2004)
    140. Sgro giving out details of private immigration files, violating Privacy Act
    141. Allegations that Sgro broke the elections law in failing to properly identify the source of a campaign contribution. (Toronto Star, December 8, 2004).
    142. Revelations that the program to bring in foreign exotic dancers was created under pressure from organized crime (National Post, December 18, 2004)
    143. Irwin Cotler appointing his former chief-of-staff to federal court (National Post, November 23, 2004).
    144. Heritage Minister Liza Frulla giving grant to magazine that put her on the cover and made her honourary president (Ottawa Citizen, November 25, 2004)
    145. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing Liberal MP John Harvard as Lt-Governor of Manitoba, in order to get him to step aside for “star” candidate Glen Murray.
    146. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing Liberal MP Yvon Charbonneau to UNESCO, in order to get him to step aside for Martin crony Pablo Rodriguez.
    147. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing former Liberal MP Karen Kraft-Sloan as Ambassador for the Environment. (Department of Foreign Affairs Press Release, February 16, 2005).
    148. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointing defeated Liberal candidate Dave Haggard as the chair of a newly created Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship. (OIC 2005-0001)
    149. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointed his friend Dennis Dawson to the Senate
    150. Despite promising an end to cronyism and patronage, Martin appointed his former Principal Secretary Francis Fox to the Senate.
    “Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.”
    -John Loeffler

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you sick.”

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    very interesting read(s)....
    "Shoot to thrill play to kill
    Too many women too many pills"


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    Tell it to the people, brother:

    A few skeletons in the NDP closet that the Dippers should think about before claiming moral supremacy in this campaign:

    1) Hypocrisy on Quebec and "separatism":

    We all know that Stephen Harper has been severally criticized for his infamous "Firewall" letter. A letter which btw, never advocated Alberta succession, but rather called for Alberta to have the same provincial rights which Quebec enjoys currently. Harper has also been smeared as "Getting in bed with separatists" last spring when he sided to bring down the Liberals along with the Bloc Quebecois. Now these two points are utilized by many Dipper supporters. However, once we dig a little deeper into the Quebec wing of the NDP, we realize just how much of a prick Jack Layton is:

    a. This barely gets any mention in English Canada, but believe it or not Jack Layton has NDP candidates in Quebec who are openly separatist and PQ supporters. In fact during the election of 2004, Stephane Dion made an issue of this that barely got any news coverage in English Canada.

    b. Whenever Jack Layton swings by Quebec, he never ceases to point out the "excellent" relations between the Bloc and the NDP. In fact, when he appeared on a popular talk show last fall, he described the BLOC and the NDP to be "brothers in arms".

    2) "The party of Youth and Minorities".

    How many times have we heard this? That the NDP is the party that represents the interests of young people, that they deeply value the participation of their young members, that they deeply care about minority issues and look to increase the participation of minorities in Parliament.

    Yeah...a couple of things that are wrong with this picture.

    a. With the exception of Olivia Chow, most of the young and minority candidates are placed in ridings that are impossible to win! (E.g. Running This poor 18 year old Jewish kid against Joe Volpe in 2004).
    b. When some Muslim NDP supporters wanted to consult Jack Layton on the SSM vote, Layton refused to speak to them. And further insulted them describing anyone who was against the vote on SSM was "against human rights". And believe you me the Friday sermon in my mosque following that remark was not kind to Jack! Look I understand his principle on this, but the least he could have done was meet with groups opposed to SSM and explain to them his reasoning.
    c. When Iranian women's rights activist Shirin Ebadi became the first Muslim women to win a Nobel Prize, Libby Davies (the self-proclaimed voice of all oppressed women in Ottawa) refused to congratulate her. Fearing it would give "warmongers" a tool. Needless to say, the Iranian-Canadian community was not pleased.

    (It should be noted that the NDP has the oldest caucus in Parliament today, and that not one single elected NDP MP comes from an ethnic minority, but lets' not get into that right now).

    3) A strange definition of "national sovereignty".

    We all know that the NDP will fight tooth and nail whenever there is the slightest communication between US and Canadian government officials. Immediately labeling any such contact as "Integration talks".
    They (rightly) claim that all matters relating to Canada should be decided on by Canadians and their elected representatives. Kudos! However, that type of reasoning beings to loose ground when you consider the unconditional support the NDP throws behind another sovereignty-busting organization: The UN.

    Shaking your fist in the air whenever our national sovereignty is jeopardized by the US, yet applauding the loss of sovereignty to a corrupt organization of 200 nations (many of whom are represented by Dictators and Human rights abusers) is hypocritical and confusing to say the least.

    4) Political Opportunists

    How many times have you heard Dipper supporters refer to their Provincial counterparts as a mean of to show off the so-called NDP success in Canada? Well, I'll bet every dollar in my pocket, to every dollar in your pocket that two provincial NDP government that never come up during those conversations are: a) Bob Rae's Ontario NDP b) Glen Clark's NDP in BC.

    When those governments were on their death beds, their federal counterparts were nowhere to be seen. The federal NDP didn't even want to be caught dead with those governments that nearly destroyed two of Canada's richest Provinces.
    On the other hand, Gary Doer and Lorne Calvert are breathlessly pimped out as if they're success (which can barely be described as moderate) is to their credit. When Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell's governments were unpopular, the reaction was to the opposite. Svend Robinson and Libby Davies were on the front lines of the Union Led demonstrations in BC. And Mike Harris is spit upon to this day by the federal NDP and their supporters.

    If this isn't shameless political opportunism, then I don't know what is.

    5) No grassroots. No Dissent tolerated.

    When it comes down to craft party policy or legislation. Harper turns to his party members, Paul Martin Hobnobs with the Bay Street crowd. As for Jack...well he turns to Buzz Hargrove. Its important to understand that when you think of the NDP, its not any other political party. But a conglomerate of special-interest groups: Unions, Feminists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, pro-Marxist student associations, you name it. Its main aim, is not to make life better for all Canadians, but simply to protect the interests of these groups.

    And for those of you who plan on voting for the NDP on the simple fact that they have a good candidate in your riding, your in for a disappointment. The Party leadership uses the whip that would put a dominatrix to shame. As Bev Desjardins found out the hard way, its either the party leadership's way, or the highway.

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    Wow Flo.. as you know we don't see eye to eye but no one can deny the effort you put into that list.. it's farkin huge. I'm not going to stir the crap but keep in mind any party can get a list of stuff like that although I certainly don't have the time to do one for the Conservatives.

    It's definitely a good thing for the Conservative Party that they've managed to shake Grewal out of running again. Can you say liability? Now if they can only do the same to Harper and turn this party back into the Conservative Party instead of the Alliance Party then they'd be a real option.
    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

    -Mark Twain

    Hello BCSB!

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    It's a two party system with ankle biters. Voting Conservative here is like voting Democrat in the states. There is no Liberal Party like we have in America. Our Liberal Party may bask in an economic glory now, but it was Pierre Elliot who got us there in the first place. There are a few people here who recall the fiscal responsibility pre Trudeau Liberal Rule I'm sure.

    I'm going to break a cardinal rule for me this election. I will vote against the Liberals, not for a party. Stephen Harper is getting my vote. Then I can kill him with my illegal non-registered gun and Peter Mackay can be PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosworth
    I'm going to break a cardinal rule for me this election. I will vote against the Liberals, not for a party. Stephen Harper is getting my vote. Then I can kill him with my illegal non-registered gun and Peter Mackay can be PM.
    It really blows me away that the Conservative Party is blind to how much hesitancy people have over Harper and what a lift they'd get if they had Mackay as a leader.
    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

    -Mark Twain

    Hello BCSB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamieJames
    It really blows me away that the Conservative Party is blind to how much hesitancy people have over Harper and what a lift they'd get if they had Mackay as a leader.

    Too true.

    For those of us who cannot stand the Liberal party I think the best we can hope for is a minority Conservative government. The benefit of a minority government is that it would likely temper any actions the Conservatives might make to appease the "social conservatives" within their party, whose views I do not believe are shared by a majority of Canadians.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    Good post FloMan!!!!!

    Time to get rid of PM Adolf Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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