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Thread: Storage and motorcycle covers

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    Question Storage and motorcycle covers

    I have my bike stored for the winter inside a little shed. Should I put a motorcycle cover over it or is that overkill?
    Also, if I need one, any suggestions which one/kind to get?
    Thanks !
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    I keep mine in a locked garage with a cover over it. It keeps the dust off over the winter. You can go to a motorcycle store in Kamloops & they'll help you out with a cover.
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    If it's inside a shed and you just need to keep the dust off, use an old bedsheet.

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    I cover mine, I started because I used to park it outside. It lives inside now, but I still cover it. Dunno why... Some would say to deter theft, but I don't cover it if it's wet, so everyone here knows what's under the cover. But I still feel like I'm advertising less.
    I got it at Canadian Tire for about $100.

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    If it's a dry shed, an old bedsheet will work nicely. In fact, a queen sized matress-sheet (with the elastic around the bottom) will be handy. If it's kinda damp in the shed, the sheet might not survive the winter very well. Canadian Tire sells nice covers for around $70 that will fit most sportbikes. There's two sizes, one will cover a goldwing, the other will cover down to a ninja 500.
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