I am looking for one of the following Motorola phones that was on the Telus network. I don't want to take over a plan, just need the phone.

I am upgrading the phone in my car, and it needs to be one of these models:

- All V60 phones except v60v (tested: V60t, V60s, V60p, V60x, V60c), and of course all the MB versions will still work
- V66 (tested)
- V80 (tested)
- V260 (tested)
- V262 (tested)
- V265 (tested)
- V300 (tested)
- V330 (tested)
- V400 (tested)
- V500 (tested)
- V505 (tested)
- V525 (tested)
- V551 (tested)
- V600 (tested)
- V620 (tested)
- V635 (tested)
- V710 (tested)
- E815 (tested)

I am looking to spend $20~$60, so I think the V60 vintage phone should be about right.

PM me with information. I will be in the Coquitlam area for the next 2 weeks, so an easy swap could be made.