friday and D.A.F.
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Thread: friday and D.A.F.

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    friday and D.A.F.

    he he he.............i've been in the damn cold all day fixing vandalized mail boxes all across langley and aldergrove. farging cracksmokinthievinscumbags. now it's time to get down, move it around take it uptown and shake it like i's james brown. nastro azzuras, and then on to some beringer sparkling zin that we brought back from napa valley. can you say hosed? wear protection kids.

    Náisiúnaithe na hÉireann.

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    I was just about the post up a "Why aren't there any DAF threads this week".

    Thanks for saving me the effort. Cheers!

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    right there with ya boss...skiing at whistler all day just got in from dins...reds, white, beers and scotch...ooohhh i am gone be hurting...enjoy ya'll EDIT(cept' for the beer I just spilt on me running work laptop ) meh..what do ya do?
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    Ya and it was after helping my sis and her husband move into a different basement suite. After the move we all tanked up and sat in the living room exchanging stories. I kept getting interrupted so I yelled at the top of my lungs, "JUST LISTEN TO ME!!" I bet their landlord loved that....

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