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    Rhys Howard

    Anyone remember racer local Rhys Howard? Any good racing stories,
    please share. Photo's?

    This guy was really, really, fast and destined for GP's.

    He had a big crash at Laguna racing 250's, on the hospital bed with HRC on one side hoping to sign a contract and on the other side his doctor advising him if he hits his head one more time he might be a vegetable. He packed it in then. Works in west van now. Super nice guy who pulls great wheelies on his BMW goin home.
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    A real Westwood Champion, and yes, super nice guy. I understand he was all that and more, according to the guys I worked with. Funny how so many retired racers ride Beemers or Hogs! It's been a while, we'll have to wake Steve Dick or Troy Burstyk for stories
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