The sun says!
Prime Minister Paul Martin looks out of the window one morning, and notices what a beautiful sunny day is happening he decides to walk to work. As he is walking he looks up at the sun, and asks the sun who is the best Prime Minister that Canada has ever which the sun replies "You are are by far the best Prime Minister this country has known in over 100 years...and smart, funny and talented!"
Paul smiles to himself and waddles off to work in a wonderful mood, knowing that he is the best of the best on Parliament Hill. At the end of his work day, Paul looks outside and sees that it is still a beautiful sunny day, so he decides to walk home from the office. As he is walking along, he looks up at the sun and asks if he is still the greatest Prime Minister that Canada has ever seen. The sun looks down on poor 'ol Paul and says "You are the worst thing in Federal politics. You are a cheat, a liar and a waste of a Canadian passport!" Paul Martin is completely shocked! He then asks the sun why he said such wonderful things about him this morning as he walked into work. The sun replied, "Well, this morning I was in the East, but now...I am in the West!"