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Thread: More ebay scams...

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    Any given day there will be quite a few bikes on Ebay that are scams.

    I once went through the bikes for sale and reported about 15 bikes to Ebay. Just go to Ebay motors, get it to display all the motorcycles for sale and then arrange them by price. If you go to where the bikes are priced around the $3500 price range, thats where you will find them.
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    Lets see..... () feed back, private sellers, no mention of a reputable third party money transfer method (WU is NOT reputable) , bikes for dirt cheap (some of them look rather butchered, esp. with the redonculous swing arms)......yup, sounds like a recepie for caveat emptor.

    edit - i missed the Xbox .........actually the buyer has 'won' the exact same aution before and he was left bad feedback for it from the same dude.....I think he was bidding for it intentionally to get it off the market....but there were a lot of dummies in there before him
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    lol the xbox esp made me laugh.
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    Looks like ebay at least sides with the dumb bidders and cancels the account of the fraudulent seller.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    i love the internet, its da best!
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