Steel Brake lines
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    Steel Brake lines

    Does anyone have GALFER Superbike brake lines?
    I'm talking about the ones that connect directly into the caliper without the use of a banjo bolt.

    Also, why would these one's have "race only" in their descriptions while the regular braided lines don't have the "race only"

    It seems better brake lines would be good enough for the street as well.

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    alot of the time "race only" is because they are not DOT approved.


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    I have them for my RC. These are 'race only' because Galfer does not want the liability with street application. Also these must be installed by a licensed bike mech or Galfer will void their warranty. Their reasoning is that due to the extreme angle that these brake lines enter the calipers, poor installation may cause the lines to catch and get pinched (not a good thing).

    For street application, there is no advantage to using these over other braided lines with banjo bolt mount. The straight through design is meant to work together with Brembo master and race pads. - which will pitch you over the bar faster than you can say whoa!
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    Everything is "Race only" or " Offroad only" . This way when you get on and don't bleed them properly or cross thread them the manufactors have a safety window to use.

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