Fs 1984 Gs750
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Thread: Fs 1984 Gs750

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    Fs 1984 Gs750

    cleaned the carbs ,havent put em back in yet ,registerd a few yrs ago in BC .

    Its been at my shop forever ,just want it gone .. put the carbs back in and should be good to go ,,it ran and rode before the carb clean so it should be fine ,,i gaurentee it runs

    first guy with $300 takes it .I dont have the keys or the regi at the shop but i do have the contact number for the guy who owns it,and when he gets off his ass he said hell get me the regi and a transfer paper when its sold . .

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    bump ,,,,please take it away
    its pretty much ready to go ,,throw in the carbs ,lube a few things and ride off into the sunset .

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    Sold ,thanks !

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