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    Political: Anybody read this one:

    Fiberal waste on the North Shore.
    Ever wonder why there is that big chunk of undeveloped land on the north shore? There is an Indian Reservation there but there's more too it.

    Back to 1974, the Trudeau Government leased the land from the Squamish Indian Band to build the Pacific Environment Centre as an election promise. The Liberals won and nothing was ever built. No suprise there.

    Why didn't they build there?
    Turns out the site is contaminated
    In fact, by in 2003, the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan called it the #4th wost that the Federal Government owned.

    So according to the government, this piece of land, leased by Environment Canada, to be the site of a centre for research and education about a safer environment, for which millions are being paid every years for decades, is the fourth nastiest piece of contaminated land we taxpayers are on the hook for.

    The property is still being leased by the current government and is still un-used.
    The lease rate for 1998 - 2003 was $6.2 million per year. The government has not disclosed the present lease rate, which took effect in 2004.

    The cost of the leasing the unused land for the last 30 years has been over $90 million.

    I've chopped it to make it smaller but the link has the full details.


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    Why am I not surprised. Sigh.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    Who knows. Maybe it's the government's way of giving money to the Native Band.

    However you're reaching so far back in time, please tell us what Mulroney's Conservative Government did with it in the 80s? The exact same thing this current Liberal government has done.

    Stick to current events.
    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

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    Hello BCSB!

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    This is an old story. Last I heard the Band will only cancel the lease agreement and take the land back if it's cleaned up. Sweet deal for the Band as they are getting paid for their land improvements. I wonder if the Government will do some landscaping at my house and pay me for it.

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