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Thread: 'decal' trouble ...

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    'decal' trouble ...

    I bought a used, repainted yamaha this past spring and the only decal on it is the yamaha tuning forks logo on the tank. Problem is I want to swap it for a different decal, but the current logo appears to be mounted under the clear coat.

    So, is there any way around this without having to peel and repaint???
    Can something be done to remove the clear coat only???
    Am I simply SOL???

    thanks for any help!

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    If you want it to look good strip and repaint. If you want it fast put the new decal over the old. If the old one will show through you could put a colour matched patch over the old.

    That old decal is now part of the clear and the paint. Any tries to peel it will roach the paint.

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    its a long shot ,but if you heat the clear with a proper heat gun and peel out the decal ,you MAY ,,and i stress MAY be able to wetsand out the decal indentation,,but its damn near impossible even knowing excactly what your doing . stock paint has f-all for clear depth. you may be able to wetsand after peeling the decal out and then re-clear but you run the chance of burnig throughthe base ,and the sticker has likely set so far into the paint that your gonna have an indentation no matter what you try .
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