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    i was wondering if you can do wheelies in 3rd gear on a 600 ,i have a 99 cbr 600 ,and i can wheelie through 1st & 2nd but have not tried 3rd ,maybe i have to get higher or closer to the balance point but i still feel the need to accelerate a bit by the time iam run out of gear in 2nd wheelieing iam doing 160 should i even try 3rd,i would like to be able to not go any faster just maintain the wheelie ,do those guys that do wheelies for like ever ,iam sure they dont keep accelerateing.
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    Ive read on the R6 board a guy that can bounce up a 4th gear standup wheelie... so I guess its possible.
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    Shift gears while wheelin, just put pressure on the shifter in high rpms... let off the gas a lil and it will shift u into third while still in the wheelie.

    Course u know not to use the clutch...

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    everyone got there own stlye, i always use the clutch....do what feels comfy, its all about being comfy, third gear on a 600....your gunna have to lift real dam hard

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    read my post , I saw it today , a guy bouncing once and the front comes up on a stock ZX6R in 3rd gear
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