Front And Rear Stand For '05 600RR
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Thread: Front And Rear Stand For '05 600RR

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    Front And Rear Stand For '05 600RR

    I have tried to search for this but I couldn't really find anything. I am looking for a good set of front and rear stands. I don't understand what spools and stuff are? Just wondering if anyone has the same bike as me and has any suggestions, or knows where in the lowermainland that I could pick some up or get a good deal. I normally buy all my stuff at Carter Honda in Coquitlam. Thanks for any help given, and sorry about the repost!

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    I bought from 5th Gear, he sold me 2 stands and fuel stabilizer for $204 after tax. The rear stand is wierd, a little wobbly, but once the bike is on it, it is solid. I could not figure out the front stand yet though, it is a fork style one, I am just too retarded to get it up on it. I do not know if I need a ramp or something. But I suggest 5th Gear, fuck Carter... Bill had my stands in the next day basically, I just suggest you perhaps ask him about the front stand.

    P.S. You have 2 pre-threaded holes for Spools for your bike. Just ask for some 8mm racing spools if I recall. They just screw in then you can get a spool type rear-stand, very sturdy. Cost cheap, the spools were included in my $204 bill as well.

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    Pretty much any would fit your bike. There is always a tradeoff between price and quality. Annaconda, Pit Bull and Over the Top are all nice. If you are looking for a good deal you may want to wait for the bike show and pick up a set - ask the vendor what pins and spools are required, if necessary.
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    I got a great rear stand for my '05 CBR600RR from Honda in Burnaby on 1st St. It doesn't require spools. It just uses to rubber coated L shaped arms to lift the bike. Good if you ever plan on buying a different bike cause it's supposed to be a "one size fits all" since it's adjustable. Price was $160? I think.

    Thier # is 604-293-1022

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    Save some $$$ and get the Canadiant tire set that I've got. The rear works great and the front needed a little modification (grinder and better bolts) to fit just right. You can find the mod thread on here, just search it.

    Definetly worth breaking out the grinder to save the green. $99 + $.60 for stronger bolts.

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