3 Type S controllers (the smaller ones) - 2 are in perfect condition, one has a sticky A button sometimes. ($45 for all three controllers...Reg price is $34 plus taxes each!)

Also got 4 games ($45 for all four games):

Need for Speed 2 - Underground
Kingdom Under Fire
Phanton Dust
Rainbow 6 - Lockdown
(all games are Xbox Live compatible games!)

ALso have a Controller extension chord that has has a cool wind up mechanism that stores it neatly ($10)

If you wanna buy everything as an entire package..

All three Controllers, All 4 games and the extension chord for a killer price of $70!!

If you wanna break down costs, thats roughly $15 for each perfect working controller and one free sometimes working one...and $8 for each game and $8 for the extension chord...

Thats a killer deal in my opinion.

PM me if you are interested!