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    cody's fundraiser

    hi everyone, well what a great success, i think everybody should pat themselves on their backs. thank you all and we hope its gonna be as good next year.we raised almost 2000.00 and here is what we did. the first family just moved into her own place with her little girl,among the many things she needed was a table and chairs set well she recieved it and loved it then she got odds and ends for her kitchen, food and gift certificates. the little girl got a new pink bike and HELMET. dolls clothes lots of toys movies and so much more. put it this way it took up the whole back of a van lol,needless to say they were spoiled but the smile on the young girls face made it all the more worth while. now the second family i had lined up moved out of provience so i recieved another one from the same school. the little boys name is CODY. we bought the mom a winter coat and the little guy was spoiled rotten among all the gifts and toys they also got certificates. i dropped all the stuff to them today before work and the young girl was not at home so her father helped me unload the car, and his words to me were wow i thought you'd just drop off a box, my daughter is going to be so surprised and happy,but thank you then i opened the trunk of my car and it took the both of us to carry in her food, there was so much the father asked me if i was sure this was not for two familys i laughed and said no, it all belongs here. so i think we made thoes two families very happy and they will have a great xmas. now thats not all dee dee found a lady in a wheelchair that is really in need of winter clothing and she is buying her what she can along with a few other items that she put on her list, and last of all a single father with a 7 year old son is also on our list and we will be giving him probably whatevers left, so thats it for this year, and hopefully we will see everyone again next year, i know i had some very hard times through this and many tears happy and sad but it kept me very busy and i know my son CODY IS SMILING DOWN. the little cody proves it . what else was that then a sign from my angel. i love and miss you cody we all

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    Nice to read. Something that nice was not meant to be wasted.
    Keep up the good work ;-)
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    unless you're at the track ;)
    DO IT!

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    good to hear...

    and happy holidays to you Sharon...
    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

    Forever in my mind, forever in my thoughts, forever in my heart

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    thanks for the update, you made those familiy's xmas extra special.

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