100 plus Gallon plexi tank *custom* corner Pictures
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Thread: 100 plus Gallon plexi tank *custom* corner Pictures

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    100 plus Gallon plexi tank *custom* corner Pictures

    1. Bioballs a white mid sized garbage bag full of them. $10 dollars
    2. Magdrive 700gph pump in box $50 dollars

    I am moving. I bought this for the place i am currently in. Went to my new place 3 times going again this weekend to find a spot for the 1 inch plexi corner tank. if i cannot make it work in my new space i am doomed and tearing out one of the walls, staggering 2X12's and making a inwall tank that is classic rectangle...

    1 inch plexi reef tank or freshwater corner tank 2ft X 2ft-sides X 3ft front view tall 4foot 5 inches. INcludes a sump stand and a canopy.
    If you are interested please contact me. After this week will be sticking on a couple other forums and in the buy and sell.

    Vancouver BC
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    bump to a 600 dollar tag

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    someones gotta want a vancouver aquarium style corner tank? Its insane salt or fresh... Tank and stand and canopy its all tight tanks worth 2000 /stand 450/ and canopy 200.. BIG @$$ SAVINGS

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