I know there was a free jacket movement so I thought I'll give this one away. It's not really thick so I wouldn't be wearing this while dragging your knees at 769 mp/h, but it is leather and better than denim I think. Its for a smaller person, probably 5'5"- 5'7" and an average-slim build. It's kind of short for me so I haven't used it much. It's a motorcycle cut jacket, better cut for males, but could also be worn by a woman. I don't know how to link the photo here, but click on my gallery, it'll be the first pic. Note the gloves and helmet aren't included in the deal, but I just put them there so you could see how cool it goes together. I'm leaving the country in 4 days so please pick it up before then or else it'll be in storeage for a while. PM me.