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    cell phone plans...

    ok iam looking for a 2 phone plan for wifey and i.ya think its worth getting the family plans avail?iam guess we'd bur the minutes up between us pretty quick.

    what a bout 2 seperate plans?whats best company for this crap?i had fido city for a while but coverage sucked ass.

    iam basically needing alot of regeuler minutes anytime for her,myself i need a basic and some long distance stuff.

    so is family pplan or 2 seperate contracts better?i wanna decide in next few days.


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    check with Rogers, they allow 1000 minutes between the phones on their familly plans, and they can usally add different options, so that you can have call display , or some type of long distance etc....plus they bought Fido so now all Rogers and Fido towers are on the same network = better coverage area.....
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    I think most of the companies are offering unlimited calling between family. I'm pretty sure Telus mobility is at least, Fido as well

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    hey john,

    FIDO has a "FIDO TO FIDO" plan where you can get two phones (both for free) and you talk from any fido to any fido for FREE. great for families...

    they have verying prices but with everything i am paying ~$50 with taxes.
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    I'm on Primus for my cell phone, been happy with the service so far and their long distance is pretty cheap compared to Telus/Rogers/Fido/Bell


    and they do sharing.

    They bounce off the Rogers/Fido network, so good x-canada coverage.
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    stay away from Bell +1

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    Fido's got a great promotion on now, unlimited Fido to Fido calls, double the non-fido to fido daytime minutes, and half price for the first four months.

    The higher end packages all offer access to Rogers out of town coverage, and now you get Roger's and Fido's coverage in town.

    Good deals, the coverage is a lot better now, especially if you get a 1900/850 phone.

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    Does anyone know if you switch providers (eg. from Telus to Fido) can you keep your phone number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordopolis
    Does anyone know if you switch providers (eg. from Telus to Fido) can you keep your phone number?
    It's law now apparently but doesn't not have to be completely implemented until Sept. 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by Commuter Boy
    Good deals, the coverage is a lot better now, especially if you get a 1900/850 phone.
    WHat he said....most people dont realize that its actually the PHONE which causes most of the RF headaches. The manufacturers do make phones which have excellent RF but because most people buy phones based on bling, the call quality of the phones get ignored and then ppl cry about how crappy their network is.

    Here is a list of Rogers phones (which I believe should work with FIDO now) that are rated the highest as far as wattage and call quality.


    This is how I decided on my phone (Nokia 3595) and it makes calls in places where cell phones shouldnt be able to make calls....the 850 MHz GRS is a must have.
    PC4 phones put out 2W of power when needed as opposed to PC5 phones which only output 0.5W of power on the 850 band. Huge difference.

    My recommendation is to get a good, used Nokia phone (i got mine for 40 bucks).
    They are usually the toughest ones out there and a lot of the external cases are a simple replacement when they get dropped and break.
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    Just a tidbit of info regarding your choice of service providers...

    I work on my bikes & cars in my underground garage [4 concrete levels below ground] and with my AT&T phone I still get reception. When others come to visit to work on bikes or wash cars, etc... unless they're on Rogers/AT&T, their phones don't work. Same thing happens when we're out riding - maybe it's just me, or luck, but it seems I'm always one of the few whose phone actually gets a signal.

    Just my 2kms... I know there's lots of factors at play in your decision-making. Good luck.

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