Brake and Clutch lever
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Thread: Brake and Clutch lever

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    Brake and Clutch lever

    Hey guys, wondering why are clutch and brake levers different? In my bike and in others I´ve seen, the clutch lever has a kind of square angle after the first inch coming from the bike, and then stretches again, like an extended "S"; meanwhile, the brake lever has only a slight curve, why is this?

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    I would think it has a lot to do with the amount of leverage needed for each application.
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    The clutch lever is expected to fit up against the grip smoothly while passing around the switch pod so that you get the maximum lever travel and best purchase on the lever. The brake lever does not do this since it's SUPPOSED to get too stiff to move before it comes all the way backto the grip.

    However if you look up Pazzo levers at you'll see that he uses the same shape for both sides. And the extra comfort to the feel comes through.
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