05 636 hotbodies undertail
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Thread: 05 636 hotbodies undertail

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    05 636 hotbodies undertail

    looks like they are getting better than just the anus look


    they dont have it listed on thier site yet ,but its at a couple other places .


    ALL undertail bikes should look like this .

    cross fingers waiting for the day we dont have to even see the exhaust at all .remember how people thought LAKE PIPES were cool back in the day ? well all you see in cars is the tips ,heres hoping bikes go the same way one day .Like a rc211v ,or duc ,or zzrr ,,no pipes just burnt ti tips.

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    your bike looks good. It's all done now?

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    that aint my bike , i dont really like the new 636 ,the elephant trunk under the tail is not appealing at all.
    but this mod makes it all the better, i like everything about the stock 636 , cept the tail and pipe
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