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    Just bought my first bike, it's a 1995 kawasaki ninja zx6r

    When my buddy was riding it home, it started to crap out. It idles really well, however when you take it up to 6000 rpm it starts to stall out, when you are rididng it!

    After 8000 rpm it works okay,

    The bike was sitting for about 2 years. It starts up really well.

    Can anyone help me out, does anyone know what the problem might be????

    any help would really be appreciated


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    I think you need a 520 conversion

    I just so happen to have a 48t rear sprocket for your bike that will make it feel a hell of a lot more powerful.

    Other than that I dunno

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    Moved to tech and no you don't need a 520 conversion.

    If it's been sitting for 2 years I'm amazed it started at all and will idle. Time to do a tune up on it. Plugs, carbs, valves and everything else. Maybe just take it into a shop to get a complete mechanical check to make sure it's safe to ride.
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    time to clean out the carbs.
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    I had a cracked battery plate that did something very similar. Would only cut out above a certain rpm when the vibrations got worse. Impossible to track down and cost me a fortune to fix in the end. A tune up is still necessary at this point but if the problem doesn't go away, swap your battery with another to check for any loose or cracked plates.

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    That battery sounds like it was a hair puller. Good find on that one.

    But for now I agree with the others. Carbs need cleaning (INSIDE) and plugs a'changin'. You should really have them check the valve clearance while it's in there as well. It'll cost more but while the stuff is all off the bike for the rest of the work it's not much more labour to toss in the valve clearance checking.
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    carbs may need more than just cleaning. you are going to have to check the o rings on all sealing surfaces. they could be in decay, which would screw up the float system and cause the engine to die.

    if you have gas in the airbox, and gas smell everywhere when it dies, this is the culprit. it's flooding.

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    The bike starts; runs fine until 6k rpm, runs crappy until 8k rpm where it runs fine again.
    I'll take the cheap route: make sure the battery terminals are snug; buy a small bottle of carb/fi cleaner and pour it in (the right amount+some more) and go riding until you finish a tankful. Pray that it does the trick.
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