any review sites for all the new gear coming out this spring?
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Thread: any review sites for all the new gear coming out this spring?

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    any review sites for all the new gear coming out this spring?

    I need to buy a jacket here pretty quick.. and want to have it picked out by the time i put insurance on my bike next spring... does anyone have reviews of all the new gear?

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    also may aswell ask..

    anyone make some leather jackets that arnt so bulky.. Id like a thin jacket thats alittle lighter and easier to move around.. and doesnt look like i just got back from the race track.. i understand thats lesss protection.. but i want something for city riding.. not 100kmcrashs

    not to mention alittle less crap going on it.. why does every jacket have to scream... LOOK AT ME, I RIDE A MOTORBIKE

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    thicker leather and hard armour mean more protection
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    Vanson offers leathers that aren't flashy.
    They are thicker and therefore more protective.
    Thickness of leather isn't really an issue when it's "broken in"
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    more importantly i find is the cut of the jacket that can make it comfortable or not. | PHOTOGRAPHY

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    Badly worded, but I see your point.
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    Yeah i see what your saying, although you know since you dont want to go any lighter than the .9mm stich Intersport Fashions West jackets that 90% of the people on this forum have i suggest maybe going for a kevlar jacket. There is one company ive heard of but cant remember the name, anyways there the only kevlar company that makes approved racing gear (that ove heard of). No leather and the fashions arent flashy. Damn i cant remember the name, anyone else here remember??

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    if you got bucks, go for roo skin. its thinner and stronger than moo. you get a lighter, more flexible jacket.

    if you think less protection is required for "city riding", guess again. most slow speed accidents break bones or worse. and in the city, you have other vehicles trying to mow you down to worry about. i'd wear just as much protection in the city as i would on the highway.

    instead of waiting for a review of something that may not work out for you, go try jackets on at the dealers and see what does work for you. you might get yourself a deal on last year's stock.

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