05 GSX-R 600 + EFI questions.
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Thread: 05 GSX-R 600 + EFI questions.

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    05 GSX-R 600 + EFI questions.

    This is my first fuel injected bike...and I want to put a Yoshi pipe on it, would I need a power commander or other such tuning system?

    On my other fuel injected vehicles, you can compensate for mods that increase airflow, such as exhuast intakes etc, by cheating a little bit....If you spike up the Fuel pressure, you can get more fuel per injector pulse...removing your self induced lean condition. is there a pressure regulator on the K5 GSX-R? or is the pump's speed controlled by the PCM?

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    Nope...your local suzi shop can tune it with the stock ECU...however, a powercommander gives you more tuning power....but, if you REALLY need that extra 2hp....you have issues.

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    if you just putting on a bolt-on exhaust, you wouldn't have to worry too much with a power commander. Of course it would help though with the fuel/air ratio and to help achieve full potential of the exhaust and it helps smoothing out the throttle response

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    stock computer should be able to adjust itself
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