New Buell duallsport bike
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Thread: New Buell duallsport bike

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    New Buell duallsport bike

    I saw this new bike as I was surfing last night. I am pretty happy to see that someone finally came with a serious dual.BMW's are nice, but a bit pricy.There is also Triumph's Tiger,but really discusting and still expensive.Hope this Buell Ulisses is really a serious bike.Looks good anyway.

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    I think the big wide tires make it more motard

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    Definitely has that adverture-tourer look to it, IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alternateimpact
    I think the big wide tires make it more motard
    I totally agree,it does look like a motard. But I don't know if it has the real potential to be one.Beeing a 1200.

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    I just saw it last week at a dealership in Arizona.

    It looks pretty similar to the other Buells. I wonder how well it would take to leaving asphalt.

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    My buddy Dave rides an 1200 Ulysees and loves it. He's fitted an aftermarket can so it doesn't sound like a lawnmower, other than that its stock. He likes being able to take it off road but he can throw it around pretty good in the twisties too.

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    Here is a good article on the Buell.

    I'd like one for sure but then again if I had the cash I'd own many, many bikes!
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    Maybe I should get a couple and do a round the world documentary...

    The Long Way Round to the local Harley dealership to get it fixed, again.

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    That Buell has been available since July / August of this year.

    The common question is if the belt drive will last off road, even if off road is just gravel and dirt roads.

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    Looks like an SUV on two wheels and should be used as such; i.e. going to and from the north shore commuting in city traffic but never really leaving the road. Somehow an underbelly can doesn't instill confidence if you actually had to cross a creek.

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