87GPZr 600 project bike
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Thread: 87GPZr 600 project bike

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    87GPZr 600 project bike

    Hey all.
    I've made my mind, Im too bored of this bike to work on it any further. So im passing the gpz on to someone else. So.. It has no compression.. I took the engine apart blah blah.. If you want a project bike, this would be a good one, since its already in pieces for you. The intake valves, rings, gaskets need replacing. cylinder honed out, for new rings. Front brakes are a bit screwed up, caliper is messed up, or so spunkys said, probably just trying to make more money, they seem fine, but whatever.. Fairings are red a bit scratched, i can have them sanded, for a ready to paint if anyone is interested in buying. Needs new rear tire. Carbs overhauled. New sliders, new floats. 54,000km, but itll have 0 when ya fix it.. Ill take $600 for it. Im losing about 1200, But I dont care, Im sick of it, I dont wanna bother with it anymore, I'll just get another bike, one that works
    Pm me, or reply here if you have any questions.. Thanks Lev

    Picture of when it was in one piece

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    bump. good project bike, can buy for parts, or all together.

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    Someone msg'd me about it, and Brought it up. So I might as well bump it. 400 Bucks for the whole thing, with all the parts. I dont want it sitting here, So I'd like someone else to make good use of it, and their time.

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    SOLD!!!! Thanks for all the interest. I still have parts for it, LOTS of parts. The fella who just bought it, is making an electric bike, so i have lots/most of the engine parts. If your intersted in parts, for an 1987 gpz 600, give me a shout. And tell me what your looking for, and I'll tell yea if i got it

    Cheers, leve

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