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Thread: ducati vs other bikes

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    ducati vs other bikes

    whats the difference between ducati's vs japanese bikes like yamaha/honda/kawasaki etc? this is kind of a dumb question, but i dont know anything about ducat's besides they are expen$ive and have L shaped engines .

    im guessing they are faster than jap bikes?

    im just curious

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    If you have to ask..........

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    Whats the difference between a Ferrari and a Skyline GT-R?

    theres your answer...
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    Actually you pay more for a bike that's not as fast.............

    BUT, (there's always a but isn't there) there's a certain feel to a Duc that you have to experience to understand what makes them special. You may have heard that some test riders don't like Hondas because they feel so perfect that it's like they have no soul. (You Honda guys, please don't flame me here. I'm one of ya and I know the truth ) Now once you ride a Duc you would think the same thing about ALL japanese bikes.

    The 900SS I had could be beaten in a drag race by any of the last couple of generation 600's. But the feeling of the Vtwin torque coming on as you roll out of a corner and the one finger braking that was very pratical thanks to the Brembo brakes and the super stable yet flickable steering make a believer out of you. It may not have been as fast as a Jap bike but what it did make was delivered very controllably and was always usable in the real world.

    It had a certain inexplicable quality that kept me coming back to ride it every chance I got where the 9R would have been ridden about 1/2 as often............ Or maybe I was just smitten by the siren's call eminating from the Two Bros. exhaust as it echoed off the hills around Stave Lake...........
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    Ducatis....lol, I would like to think Ferrarris are more reliable....

    but for me the perfect bike before seeing the Z1000 and NAS would have been an italian designed bike with japanese engineering...best of both worlds...

    the new 999 - there is a complete review of the bike a very good one in Cycle Canada - a really good magazine everyone should subscribe too...
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    Originally posted by Human

    Cycle Canada - a really good magazine everyone should subscribe too...
    ya i second that

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    There's also a review on the 999 in the latest issue of Motorcyclist too. It's written by the same guy who did the one in Cycle Canada (Alan Cathcart -- who obviously writes content for both magazines on a regular basis as he's been in both magazines numerous times before).

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