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    Theft Lesson

    There was a break and enter downstairs last night. Some crack scum, with what must have been a stolen car, stopped, smashed a window of a used clothing store (smart)(and nice, I'm sure they're rich) and strolled in looking for cash. The scum sucking thief couldn't read, or ignored the sign that said "no cash or valuables", which was placed in the empty cash box on the floor. He was in there for 2 minutes, casually walked out (with nothing), and sped off in his crack limo with no lights. I'm not sure if they caught the creep fuck scum shit punk prick, but one can only hope.

    Anyway, the reason to mention it is the useless oxygen waster picked the only door that didn't have bars on the door. At least for 4 doors either way.
    Lazy might be the reason, what do you think? Dead beat loser.
    Reminded me of what Jay from Bike Brace said. Basically they'll probably get it if they have enough time, but your best bet is to make yours the toughest to steal, and the lazy sack of shit will most likely pick an easier target.
    Gaurd your stuff, make it difficult, as difficult as you can, and they'll stroll off looking for an easier target
    Time to go buy some more locks! It got the blood flowing calling 911, and giving a live report of the pond scum leaving the scene of the crime.
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