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Thread: Assholes!

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    Smile Assholes!

    What is it about certain people on this site?There was a thread on buying gear online{which has just been closed}And certain individuals feel its there duty to police what they feel are repeat questions.Hey if you don't like somebody asking the same question over and over again,Don't reply to the thread.Simple!some of you claim you are tired of answering the same questions over and over,Yet you keeping opening the thread,Don't do it!As much as some people hate answering the same questions ,Guess what, its a fact of life!Some people are lazy or maybe they don't understand the search feature .But its always the same people whinning about it,Kinda gets tiresome just like people asking the same question right?I say live and let live. Oh ya,Flame away!

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    Also, try using some spaces in your text. It makes it much more legible. And quit yar whining.

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    Grammar is your friend. Use it.
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