Ok, some help doing a stand up wheelie
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Thread: Ok, some help doing a stand up wheelie

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    Ok, some help doing a stand up wheelie

    I want to learn how to stand up wheelie.

    Problem is, I am alittle nervous doing this. I am not really sure which way would be better/easier to learn

    I am guessing doing this in 2nd gear would be better cause 1st gear is alittle agressive, or am I wrong on this?

    Should I be standing up first or as the front wheel comes up?

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    Im still pretty new at this, but Ill try to offer some advice from a fellow newbie stand point.

    What I've found is stand up, get into second gear and get into the rpm range that has alot of tourqe. From a steady speed, (about 60 for me)roll on the throttle and bounce the front end. I dont mean jump on the damn thing, just bounce lightly. You will feel the fron start to come up.. as you feel the fromt come up, roll on harder. dont worry, its not scary at all. I found it to be actually quite easy. Oh yeah, no clutch. try it, you will be surprised how stable it acctually feels. I thought I was going to be thrown off the back or somthing. Let us know how it goes....
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    be standing up b4 u start it, cbr 954 should b no trouble bringen it up in second, just press down on front forks than pull up and lean back as its coming up, cover rear brake, they np kinda scary when u first learn em though cause u way up off tha road

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    ok. stand up first. I have seen guys do em and they stand as the bike comes up and that seems alot harder to keep steady.

    I've tryed once or twice before doing stand ups and my body moves around from the acceleration. (big guy)

    Yeah, I am getting pretty decent at 2nd gear wheelies, the pipe helps alot. I can bring the bike up at around 100-120km and hold it all the way into the red at 12 grand at 179km/h

    Actually I just did that last night at the 1/4 mile track :-) did first gear till 12 grand or somewhere close to there, brought it down then hit second pulled hard and managed to bring the bike up the rest of the way, past the 1/4 mile.

    Ha, the ticket stub said I was doing 98mile an hour over the finish line...

    Will try some gentle stand ups in 2nd gear ither tonight or tommorow and let ya know how its going...

    After reading this forum today I went out for 20 min practiced my 1st to 2nd gear switches, managed to get 1 to work only tho. tricky stuff.

    and I managed to power wheelie the bike in 3rd gear once (hard as hell, at 7grand it pulled up..)

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    man the 954 is a wheelie monster. take it to 7000rpm close the throttle bounce on your pegs and hammer on the gas and it comes right up. try 1st gear and just dont give it as much gas

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    1st time i did id my knees shook a bit... it gets easier. Just get it up to where it almost flips over... now try to keep it there. I'm still working on that one

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