Saying Goodbye, moving to Calgary
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Thread: Saying Goodbye, moving to Calgary

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    Unhappy Saying Goodbye, moving to Calgary

    I'm moving to Calgary!

    I just want to say, If it wasn't for this site. I wouldn't have met all the great people that I have over the past four years.

    I will always remember all the great times and the bad; all the great rides, get togethers, parties, sushi, bubble tea, birthdays, Joey Tomatoes! racing at Mission, the Duffy Lake loop, go-carts.

    To all my BCSB friends you know who you are and even the ones I've never met in person I will miss you but will never forget you. I'll still check into BCSB once in awhile to keep tabs on what's happening around here.

    I went to Calgary for Christmas vacation and ended up getting a job, so I will be moving there in a week or two. So if you know me and are headed out to Calgary, send me a pm or an email!

    I don't think I'll be racing the year, but I do plan on putting my RZ back on the street.

    Also I will need a volunteer to take over my "Who's Racing this Year?" thread for 2006. Send Kim a pm I guess to take over the controls.

    If you have a bike, RIDE IT, if not, stay home.

    Blaine A.K.A. Bean
    R.I.P Bog and Julia. R.I.P. Cody

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    I think there is a track out there. Have fun out there.
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    Dude! Really you're taking off? What for... money, love?
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    It will be fun!

    Calgary is great.

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    The chinooks are great, not so sure about the other 50 weeks of the year though
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    Really sorry to hear this, buddy. It's been awhile since I've seen you post much, but you'll always be on the top of many of our lists when we think of the pioneer members of this website.
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    Hey Bean ... sad to hear you are leaving but happy to know that you are starting a new page in your life. Calgary is a great city, I lived there for 6 months and still have goods friends there. I moved back after experienced a huge snow storm in the middle of summer ... remember to order a set of "snow tires" for the bike .

    Wish you ALL the best!

    Oh ... we'll miss your "duck tape keen sliders" ... LOL
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    With the exception of two weeks of -20 weather, its been temperature wise, almost as warm there as it has been here, except that its SUNNY instead of a DULL CONSTAND GRAY ..... I might be moving there too for work.

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    and don't forget Big Ralf K. and the cost of living. Most of my crew moved to A.B its a great place for a young family and those seeking fortune (not to mention bountiful hot blonde girls)...good luck!
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    Good luck out there.

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    Blaine, sorry to hear that you're leaving for Calgary. Try & make it back for one race this year. Who am I going to try and catch up with now?

    I can take over the "who's racing this year" thread...

    Good luck & see you again, I'm sure.
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    calgary has a nationals caliber track

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    I'll never forget the sound of your bike..............

    ...............................................sli ding across the parking lot beside Carter Coquitlam. I was thinking... "oh shit, who just dumped their bike??? they're gonna be an unhappy camper, and this day is ruined for someone" and looking over my shoulder to see you sliding and rolling straight back up and running to pick it up... You weren't even phased by it. I don't recall you riding it again, cuz I think you busted a few things on it. But you still had high spirits and we all played the rest of the day. And I think everyone slowed down a bit after that too.

    Best of Luck with your move and new job. I've never been to Calgary but I've heard of many people loving it there. I'll be out that way for Nationals in July - if I think of it I'll send you PM and you can cheer on your fellow BCer's if you have time.

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    Good luck to ya Blaine!!

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    good luck and farewell my friend... make shure your take some litre bike squids down with your RZ!!!

    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

    Forever in my mind, forever in my thoughts, forever in my heart

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