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    Police chase


    Man. check out some of the car's/suv's parked out infront of the shitshacks in the "HOOD" they travel through ? Escalade out front of a 800sq ft house ? also check out the condition of the "road's " they travel on......sheeeit ,that aint a pot hole..........I can fit my whole car in there ?
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    HAHA,,It reminds me of this house I drove past on the Westside a little while ago. It was a tiny little beat up dump worth about a thousand bucks. In the driveway was a Black first generation Hummer ( you know...the real ones) that was modded to shit. A Black modded Chevy Avalanche that looked like a fricking Monster Truck, a Black Viper Coupe, and one of those $700,000 Porsche Carrera GT`s........it was Silver. He prolly couldnt afford to get it panted Black yet cuz he spent all of that months earnings on the Car.
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