So, I had a pretty rocking helmet camera setup which included the helmet camera and a Cannon Elura50 mini DV camcorder.

Well, the Elura50 has turned out to be quite a lemon. But I'm having a heck of a time finding a different mini DV camcorder with all the right features to work best with my helmet camera. Needs analog input (which implies analog-to-digital conversion) and the LANC feature (remote start-stop feature so you don't have to access the camcorder controls every time you want to start/stop recording). It seems most of the newer mini DV camcorders have dropped this feature. Also, it seems nobody is selling the older models that *did* have this feature any more.

Anybody got the scoop? Either a Canadian source for new older Canon mini DV camcorders, or the scoop on which of the current crop work well for helmet camera setup with the remote analog helmet camera?