Well with all of the talk lately about trades here on the site I have learnt alot of people are very knowledgeable in the trades. So I would like so help

I am very interested in working in the pipeline industry or on the patch. I want to get my B pressure ticket.

My problem is May 2005. I got into a motorcycle accident. Broken right femur and complete reconstruction of my right knee. Now it is healed but I do not have full range of motion (or my old strength but that will come)

All I have ever heard is that patch work is very hard. But nothing more.

Could any one give me any insite?
I am not afraid of working hard but I don't want to hurt myself.

Would it be smarter to work on the patch first to get some cash then go ahead with the begginning of a welding apprentiship?

Any one know of a welders hand wage up in camp? I have tried searching but not turning up much.

Sorry for the long post.

thnx for the help