front page software help resolution ?
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Thread: front page software help resolution ?

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    front page software help resolution ?

    how do i make the pages have a resolution size to fit most screens ? i "browsed" it in explorer and its 10 feet wide ,How do i get the pages down to 800/600 size ?

    im just a newbie so i kinda need a walkthrough for that

    any help appreciated

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    keep your table width under 760 or there abouts. if you dont use a fixed value for tables (like a percentage instead) then it will stretch according to the size of your browser window.

    if you use firefox check out this extension -

    has a bunch of debug stuff and can resize your window to different resolutions so you can see how it looks as it scales

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    damn i tried to open a table and i tried to shrink it to 760 and it threw the info everywhere and some of the stuff disapperd ,,any way of doing it all together at once and keep everything in the same places just smaller ?

    thanks it did work ,,just went kinda screwy

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