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    Got my exhaust in the mail, but the shipper (being clueless, i figure) wrote the full price on the shipping declaration not knowing that i did not have to pay their sales-tax....well Revenue Canada in their infinite wisdom has charged me GST & PST on the whole gotta fill forms in triplicate to get half of the money back, not to mention the 3 wks wait time

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    as a rule of thumb i buy everything that i can get loaclly....well locally. Fuck all the hidden charges, i will only pay them if the item is not avaliable here

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    I ordered an exhaust system for a car once and it was shipped in two boxes both of which had a copy of the one invoice. Well I was charged GST and PST twice.

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    Expensive things I buy locally. Small crap, I buy from eBay.
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    i had a similar thing happen to me regarding GST and PST - it was all screwed up. the worst part was my 1 item came in 5 smaller pieces and it wasn't suppose to ....

    buy local when able.
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    always ask them to send a N.A.F.T.A. certificate with the product so that you will not be charged extra duty and pst / gst

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    Heres some hot tips for ya...

    I buy a lot of crap from the states off of ebay and what not. Before you buy from anyone down there ask if they will send it USPS instead of a courier. Couriers like UPS (I used to work there) charge super fat 'brokerage' fees whereas canada post doesnt (usually). Ask the seller to mark 'gift' and put the value of the item on it at like 20 bucks. This will save you lots. Unless your buying a helmet or something expensive. Theres other ways of beating the system to. Ask the seller to maybe write 'warranty' on it or 'exchange' and this will save you taxes and levies etc. Get a little nutty. One of the guys that I buy motocross gear from in colorado, wrote 'happy birthday' all over the package (a 400 troy lee designs helmet) and i never had to pay anything. Just make sure you talk to the person on the other side first before you buy it. I got friends in portland that come up regularily as well and they bring shit up for me all the time. try those 'techniques' out...

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    So let me get this straight.
    Say on a $1000 pipe, and say the state tax is 8% your are bitching about paying GST & PST on like 80 bucks.
    Which is $11.
    You would actually even bother dealing with revenue Canada for 11 bucks?
    BTW I have a PO box in Blaine and just get my stuff shipped there. They call when it arrives and go down first thing sat.

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    They accept your packages for about $2.20 US each unless they're ridiculously large and/or heavy. No monthly fees and they'll call or email you when the package arrives. I have stuff shipped there all the time and just clear it through customs myself at the border which saves the $40 brokerage fee from the courier. There's never any line-ups gong down to Point Roberts either.

    Make sure you tell the people you buy from to either send you a copy of the invoice beforehand that you'll need to take down with you, or make sure they ship it with one in the box.

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