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    Another Political Joke

    A man is driving through Ontario and his car breaks down. He decides to try and hitch a ride.

    A car pulls over and asks the guy who he's going to vote for. A long time NDP supporter, the hitchhiker tells the man "Jack Layton". The car peels away.

    About an hour later, another car pulls over and the driver asks the same question, once again the hitchhiker tells him he's voting NDP. The driver peels away.

    The next car that pulls over is a convertible with a gorgeous blond at the wheel. Convinced he's not in NDP country, he decides to tell the lady he's voting Liberal when she asks who he's going to vote for. She tells him to hop in.

    So the 2 of them are driving down the road and the wind starts to blow her skirt up, revealing some sexy underwear. The man yells for the woman to pull over, when she asks why he tells her "I've only been a Liberal for 5 minutes and I already want to screw somebody!"
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    Good one man.

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    hhahahaha nice

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