another Le on ebay
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Thread: another Le on ebay

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    another Le on ebay

    this is like the 15th one so far ,,if ya kept track of the #'s they made 500 ,race teams prob got a boat load and the rest are on ebay ,lol ,If you go into a YAMI dealership and they tell you you cant get one ,unavailable,waiting list bla blah .tell em thanks nayway your gonna pick from the 25 on ebay already .

    there is like 6 or 7 a week .

    do a search for ohlins and they always pop up
    funny, it wil ruin the prices of em ,but you can bet there is stil a bunch willing to pay way OVER dealer prices for one ,goo dthing is you dont have to wait and you arent stuck with the blue one
    (bodywork already?)

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    talk about dealers screwing over joe public. I guess it comes down to $$$
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    That's smart on the dealer's part...if you sell over invoice, why not?
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    omg.. the LE has a price tag of $26,000

    wouldn't u rather buy a car?

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