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    problems after problems

    I bought a used dirt bike (a 83 cr250) knowing it needed work, bought it with shifter and kickstart shafts broken (don't ask how someone can do that). searching for the parts and finally finding them on ebay. so I start to look at the bike now and boy did it scare me the way someone had the engine bolted in. so now i am kinda wierry of what I am wanting to ride. I pull the engine out and pull the head, the piston is worn out, I can see the rings clearly the whole way down the cyl. so I am thinking that this is not good, so I order up a .020 piston and have to bore it, no problem. I disassemble the engine and start to clen everything up, and found the cyl. was already bored for me. it was soo worn out that new piston fit, right to specs. so I start putting together and find the reeds are worn out, a clutch disc broken and one of the cyl head studs broken. whats next

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    its a 83.most guys dont touch those thing for yrs let alone over 20 be suprised if ya dont find more wrong as ya dig deeper.

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    god, thats got to be expensive to fix

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    bad, m'kay?
    Coming from a bike mech (J1k) that cannot be good. Good luck though.
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    I've got an 82' KDX250. Relatively new wiseco piston. Has a small crack in the rear of the gear case (no fluid or air leaks). Bogs out and dies after a short ride so I'm thinking new carb floats and needle valve. Headlight missing. Gear lever is a bit worn out. Has new kickstart lever. A few hours on rebuilt front forks. Rear shock needs work. Comes with manual. $600 obo.

    The problem with the older bikes is it's hard to get parts.
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    I'm looking for a 79-81 Yamaha YZ 250 and know what you're going through. As John said people just don't keep them in good repair but expect top dollar for them.

    I suspect it's going to be a long search and I'll still have to dump a chunk of change into anything I find. Oh well it's a good thing that I like wrenching and have a few contacts in the industry that can give me good deals on parts, labour, etc..
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