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    Painting Helmets

    Does anyone have any idea what's involved in a custom paint job on a helmet? Specifically, I would like to know:
    <li>Will it affect the integrity of the helmet? Is it safe?
    <li>Is it legal?
    <li>Does anyone know anyone who does it? Can you recommend their work? What's it cost?
    <li>If I was gonna do it myself, any pointers? Recommendations on types of paint, airbrushes, clearcoat, whatever...
    Anything else you think I ought to know would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Ah, shit... I just saw that earlier thread. Nevermind, I'm a dumbass...

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    i believe there's a tatoo parlour on grandville that will airbrush a the way of pricing i wouldn't know, but it's best to ask them about pricing, and ask like richomnd motorsports about safety and legality invovled i guess!

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    Helmets are touchy. There is special resins anf enamle and other stuff they use to make the composite of the actuall helmet wich strutual integrity of your helmet can be complicated by from the chemicals in the paint. So in plain english, some paints will turn your helmet into an egg shell. Not good to do to a nice blk, or white aria or shoei helmet. My freind did and hes a dumb ass hahaha. All though there are certain paints which are safe to use, just make sure you ask the paint people.
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