Stolen plate: K01442 - Keep an eye out
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Thread: Stolen plate: K01442 - Keep an eye out

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    Stolen plate: K01442 - Keep an eye out

    as it says. my plate was stolen off my bike on wednesday, but i hadn't noticed since i wasnt home until yesterday. A cop came to our door and talked to my roommate wednesday night since he saw that a plate was missing off one of my bikes. He then tried to suggest that the owner of the two bikes out front(me) was swapping the plates.

    Kudos to the cop for seeing the problem, but he was apparently useless to talk to.

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    pretty bad for him to insinuate something like plate swapping and not asking if a plate was stolen.
    So much work & so little time!!

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    Not much you can do, make sure the plates are reported stolen, check your bike for any other tampering and keep a close eye on it in the next while, and go to ICBC and get a new one and do what I did... carriage bolts and lock tight if they want the plate they're either going to spend 20 mins freeing the nuts or cut the plate From what I heard from ICBC most plates stolen are vandalized / destroyed and never show up (punk kid mischief), few are ever seen again... most other missing plates have just plain fallen off while driving/riding and are found on the side of the road a day or two later.

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    Alarm your bike, and wire your plate.

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