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    Helmet Question

    alright. lookin into a new lid as the old one is in bad shape. i'm wondering about different brands. i've been looking at em around $350 but would prefer it if i could find one for even less than that. i'm just wondering if there's companies that make decent helmets but arent some giant name so you're not paying for the name, or for the flashy paint jobs. wouldnt mind somethin just black and simple. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


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    i got my hjc revenge ac-11 snell approved from burnaby kawasaki for about 350 i think....the only probably with it is that when i lift the visor up and ride above 20+km/hr it makes an annoying whistling sound which you just get used to after a few times out

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    you can get a decent hjc for less than $200.

    a kbc force s will be less than $300. very nice helmet.

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    The first one I bougth was a HJC that was $202 after taxex. Not a bad helmet, just needed a little adjusting of the seals to calm down the wind noise.

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    This is a topic I feel very strongly about. Ever heard the saying " get a $20 helmet for a $20 head"??? I have been offered many "free" helmets as a racer but I know the value of a great lid. Since I have had my share of concussions I have to speak up, as always!

    Spend some money and protect your head! I trusted Shoei's hi-end (RF-700, RF-900 and RF-1000) for a few years and then SUOMY spec-r1. YES, I paid for these lids instead of taking a free product because I love my brain!

    Do the right thing and live to ride another day. Helmets are cheap when you weight the reasons for wearing one
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    ebay dude ,,get that 800 lid for 200 buks ,,brand new ,,just run to a dealer ,try it on,pick a size and order state side .

    yes i know its sad ,,bohoo but get the deals where you can .its better you get the fancy high quality head protection from south ,,and make sure you bring all your mechanic work,repairs,gear and most everything else local ..it will balance your concience out if it bothers you

    ive never bought a helmet up here
    7 from ebay ,all brand new and 50% off dealer
    $1000 cnd shoei duhamel for $350 cnd .brand new ,,there is no dealer in canada to give you a deal like that

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    Approximately $165 Canadian on ebay will get you a VR-2 KBC helmet, brand new. I wasn't charged more than $15 bucks tax when shipped in from the US. Just make sure the seller marks the package as safety equipment or helmet as it's taxed less, or sometimes not at all.

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    For all the people that say a $200 helmet wont protect you as much as a $1000 helmet...that is not true. There was a thread posted a few months back about a test that a magazine did on all the expensive helmets and cheap ones. There was actually a few of the cheap helmets that performed better then the more expensive ones. If I can dig up that post I will post it.

    On that note, I use a KBC and HJC helmet. So far they have been very comfortable and have worked well. (not that I have crashed on them yet to find out how "well" they really work...touch wood)

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    Cheaper helmets may also only be made in two shell sizes, with padding making up the intermediate sizes. So your large will have the same shell size as an XL, with more weight and wind resistance.

    Better helmets may also have better visors, visor hinges, aerodynamics, cooling, more comfortable or adjustable padding... the list goes on. I'd also rather crash in a helmet model that has been proven by hitting the track with a racer's head inside.

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    Unfortunately, the answer to this question is impossible for us to do with absolute authority. Look at the responses so far. It is all based on anecdotal evidence and none of it weighs one way or the other towards a cheaper or more expensive lid.

    There was an investigative article in Motorcyclist magazine last year that questioned the effect of the Snell2000 safety designation on helmet design. The findings were extremely disturbing. What they found was the helmet manufacturers by and large were now manufacturing their helmets to be too hard so when you hit something with great force the helmet doesn't absorb the shock the way they used to. Instead the energy is now being transmitted through the helmet and the brain is taking more of the punishment.

    I am not vouching for the accuracy of the findings in the article but it certainly does give you pause for reflection.

    Do a search on this site and go to the Motorcyclist website. They did have the article up for public view a few months ago. Not sure now.

    Me, I have a cheaper X-Speed helmet. It is in the price range, if not lower than the HJCs. I bought my first one at Burnaby Kawasaki and my second one at Holeshot in Langley. It has DOT and Snell2000 safety designations on it.

    I paid $150 for my last one which was on sale.
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    I agree with Furious Fiero here. Helmuts made today are of very good quality. I have a KBC helmut and I am very happy with it. Just make sure they are DOT and Snell approved.

    Another point to make is dropping a helmut. If you buy a $1000 helmut and you drop it, are you going to replace it? Probably not. If you drop a $300 helmut you might be more inclined to replace it. A cracked helmut is almost useless.

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    From articles and tests I read on helmets, almost all but the super cheap ($130 Vega's etc) perform equally at legal road speed, what changes is performance at speeds over 100km/h (150 more specifically) the uber expensive arai/shoei etc are for legal speeds only beneficial in weight, noise and breathability... if you plan on going faster than legal speeds know that the <$300 helmets are not implicitly designed for it where as the arai/shoei helmets are designed for racing conditions and impact rated for 300km/h (your melon may survive (concussion, vibration stress etc) but the rest of you won't be happy)...

    As far as certs on helmets, DOT is a must, Snell not really. Snell 2001 compliance makes for a rigider helmet which will pass more vibration etc to your head than the softer DOT only helmets. Snell 2005 is almost identical to DOT 2005 and allows for a bit more pliability at spec which is better for your head as more vibration and motion is absorbed in the material rather than your head. As a result CF and Fiberglass helmets will be lighter but rattle your melon more in a crash than poly plastic based beyond that they are just as safe.

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    +1 on the get it stateside comment. I wanted a good helmet but 8 hun is a bit much.
    200 on ebay sounds ALOT better. I like Arai now but have crash tested a few Shoei's years ago.

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    kbc and icon have some decent helmets for the price and Bill is correct about ebay, good prices
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    Here's a good article on Helmets and gear after a fall. He took a 120 mph high side.
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