2006 r6 and LE r1 at DAYTONA in surrey
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Thread: 2006 r6 and LE r1 at DAYTONA in surrey

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    2006 r6 and LE r1 at DAYTONA in surrey

    so heres my take on the whole thing

    SAw the r1 LE in pics ,thought it was boring and overpriced for what it comes with .
    Saw it in person ,,,ummmmm yeah same reaction ,,the worse thing was they also have a R1 2006 in the yellow /black/white 50th aniv colors ,,,waaaaaay more eyeball to that bike if they stuck with the yellow /black white colors ONLY for the LE ,,now that woudl be cool and make it more unique.The blue one looks like a lame custom bike with no effort .

    The frame and swingarm on the LE is actually blue anodized ,,its sort of cool i guess . And no OHLINS DAMPER ?? WTF !! thats the most important part !!

    all in all the yellow one sitting 3 feet from it is a whole LOT better looking ,my advice spend the money on the yellow LE or a black one and paint it ,,and put those OHLINS and marchesini stufffs on a stock one .you can do without the numberd badge on the triple .

    BTW its not taken and its for sale ,,get it before all the other crazies

    OK now the R6r

    I loved it in pictures ,since i first saw it i liked it ,,i rearely ever like a stock bike and i always have something to pick on a factory stock bike .
    In person it was almost beter .
    Pretty hard to pick this apart if you like race bikes especially GP bikes .TONS of GP cues --craziest stock swingarm since ,R7 or aprilia factory mille,,its as close to a HARRIS kit part that doesnt cost 3 gs .Short tail ,belly exhaust (it sits out cockeyed ,but aftermarket pipes ive seen dont ,,so thats a quick fix ) ,forks are nutso with the bracing and adjustment on the front like a OHLINS superbike fork --very beefy looking,Gauge is 04 r1 with a bullseye looking thing in the middle (omen ? i hope not ,lol ) .with the stock pipe it sounds like a much bigger bike .Clip-ons look like aftermarket aluminum type ,,very cool,Its very small and i dare anyone to take any passenger over 108 pounds and 4 foot 2 cuz the passenger seat is as big as a postcard.(who the hell wants pasengers anyway ,,its about time they faze pass seats out on full out sportbikes)

    ONly complaints is that dumb ass light in the center of the upper ,,thats lame ,no explanation for that at all .A lot of the brackets look like an afterthought like the chain adjusters and lower fairing mount ,,but whatever severly minor ,the stock bodywork needs to go .RACE BODY right off the jump ,the cutouts in the stock stuff are too weird .TAil light is over designed should have been more like a RR tail light ,looks like a big SV tail light ,,fixable .obviously the plate hanger goes first but the holes are smalll so easy fixed .

    all in all i loved the R6 ,,im gonna get one off CHOP SHOP CYCLE in the summer once they start boucing off the pavement ,,it would be a great track tool .
    I hate pretty much anything factory built and they did a really good job on this one ,,who cares how it rides ,,the r6 is a tested proven bike,,its not gonna be a suprize how it rides .

    the wierd part is the FLY BY WIRE ,,all i saw was two typical throttle cables and when you turn the throttle with the bike off it stil opens and closes the butterflys ,,maybe the FBW is for the secondaries ? no idea il wait til a tank comes off ,so a my mech can take a better look and tell me what up with that .
    oh yeah and for the saddle bag commuting crowd it has no trunk ,,get over it

    I bleed kawi green ,but they are going quickly downhill in styling so until they make a 636 look as good as this one they are gonna have to wait to get any of my money


    i have pics if anyone cares ,,not like nobody hasnt seen a million pics of em already
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    maybe AMA privateers will dump the GSXR and load the grid with these ..yamis are harldy ever in large numbers..good to see yamaha take a chunk out of racing ,,the have the LE for superstock (ohlins and marchseini as stock so they can keep it on the bike ,,,pretty good advantage !) and the r6 is basically a race bike with lights ,,not to mention rossi 's fame ,,Now just to see EBOz win at superbike,HAGA in WSB and yami takes over .
    not a yami fan but credit where its due

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    [QUOTE=borderline]with the stock pipe it sounds like a much bigger bike./QUOTE]

    They fire it up for you?

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    yes ,sounds good for a stock pipe,he didnt rev it to high for obvious reasons but you could hear the tone ,most 600's sound like a sewing machine stock ,this sounds like a 1000cc stock easy ,,,wonder if it blows over the DB at misison ?

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    they have 3 for sale , incl a black one ,,anyone want to see em go check daytona on tues .

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    how much is Daytona asking? MSRP?
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    hopefully not the ridiculous $12,500 MSRP. Cause that is just plain retarded. yeah yeah, new bike, redesigned, cost more. But a 600 coming in at $15,000 out the door?? Too much if you ask me! I can go out and buy a 04 or even 05 1000 for that dough.

    I really had my heart set on on the new R6... the only thing that was stopping me from marching down to the dealership and putting a deposit on one was the test reviews. I can't say I'm too happy about them. A optimistic 17,500 rpm redline that barely makes 15,800-16,000 rpm on dyno charts. The crappiest torque curve I've ever seen in my entire life and the lack of "claimed" horespower that Yamaha said they could deliver. The 05 R6's dyno showed a 20hp and 15ft/lbs of torque at 10,000rpm OVER the 06 R6! Don't get me wrong, this bike is going to own on the track, but as for it being a good street bike??? I highly doubt it.

    Now all though I'm not to partial to Suzuki's new design of the 600 and 750, I can't dismiss the fact that the new zooks have almost everything the R6 has and a MUCHO stronger engine. thats my outlook on that.

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    its just a bike ,anything can be fixed to work better.

    i wouldnt want one for a daily rider,,but as a track only bike i bet it would be badass.Ive decided im gettin one no mater what ,,or at least until 2008 when kawi either gets thier head out of thier ass or i leave them due to dumb fuks in the design dept.

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    The fly buy wire throttle STILL has cable's BUT they don't go to the Fi system, they go to a servo motor then transmitted to the servo on the Fi rack, all this does ,is get's you the best fuel to air ratio with NO hesitation, and NO rough choppy throttle rsponse , like when you'r trying to feather it through a corner. Kinda complicated, but kinda makes sence ?
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    Now, the real question is: "How did Daytona become a Yamaha distributor"? First it was the clowns at Atlas, now them. Surely there are more worthy recipients of a dealership in this town?

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    i was reading a test ride review of the new r6 in some 'merican rag and they compared it to a 250gp bike loosely. with those torque/horsepower curves no wonder it feels like a 250. fuckin garbage for the street just to have a few ponies wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up high. i bet a gs500 would beat it on roll-ons on the highway. buy an '05 and get the forks and shock off this thing.

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    I already know of 4 '06 R6's racing WMRC this year.

    Can they keep it quiet?? Would be nice if the exhaust came out the left and not the right side of the bike (point it away from the DB cops!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BF
    The fly buy wire throttle STILL has cable's BUT they don't go to the Fi system, they go to a servo motor then transmitted to the servo on the Fi rack, all this does ,is get's you the best fuel to air ratio with NO hesitation, and NO rough choppy throttle rsponse , like when you'r trying to feather it through a corner. Kinda complicated, but kinda makes sence ?
    makes sense to me ,
    stil dont get why it works with the battery out of the bike ,,it sounded like everything was actuating just like a normal cable bike.NOt like its some kind of scam ,,just curious how it works ,,,it did give me more confidence in the whole "fly by wire" i thought it was gonna be a couple wires hooked to a computer .

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