Yamaha bws scooter for sale
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    Yamaha bws scooter for sale

    2004 yamaha bws scooter (silver). Included are the following:

    NCY cylinder @ 70cc
    Tecnigas Pipe (Tek model, chromed)
    NCY variator
    Carbon Fibre Reed Valves
    Koso cold air intake
    Kymco Spark
    Main Jet upped
    New Yamaha brake pads (front)
    Bell Synthetic Oil

    The scooter was purchased from a female owner who couldn't ride it because of a medical problem. It was ridden 50km (a.k.a it was brand new!). I've kept it clean ever since. I also had the carburetor professionaly cleaned by a mechanic. Receipt for the cylinder, variator, pipe is kept (upgraded at licensed yamaha dealership). All other parts were added by JiangWayne scooters. Fast takeoff, after 60km/h will jump up to 90km/h+ (depending on your weight). Sounds distinct due to pipe and koso air intake.

    Total Km: 3200
    Selling Price: $3000 firm

    Please call Jeff @ 778-882-6394 or email @ jeffery88@hotmail.com
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